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Romanian Anti-tank Teams (RSO102 & RSO103)

Stalin's Europe

Romanian Anti-tank Teams (RSO102 & RSO103)

With the release of Stalin's Europe we knew there would be plenty of existing Romanian players waiting to add some extra anti-tank punch to their infantry so we have released Panzerfaust and Panzerschreks individually so you issue these straight to your troops.

These are available to order via the Special Order Catalogue.

Romanian Panzerfaust Team (RSO102)

RSO102 Romanian Panzerfausts in the online store...

Romanian Panzerfausts
Romanian Panzershrecks

Romanian Panzerschrek Team (RSO103)

Comes with a Medium Base

RSO103 Romanian Panzerschrek team in the online store...

Coming soon to the website will be an epic PDF covering the Romanian forces from January 1944 until August 1944 while they were still fighting in the Axis before they changed sides to the Allies as represented in Stalin's Europe. This briefing will include options to field Panzerschrek teams in your Romanian army.

Last Updated On Monday, December 6, 2010 by Blake at Battlefront