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GMC 2½-ton truck (Resin x2) (US431)

GMC 2½-ton truck (Resin x2) (US431) GMC 2½-ton truck (Resin x2) (US431)
GMC CCKW-353 Truck, 2.5-ton, 6x6, Cargo

The US Army’s CCKW 2½-ton truck was the logistical Workhorse of WWII. Over 800,000 vehicles were produced, most of them by the GMC Truck & Coach Division of General Motors Corp (562,750 units). The original GMC 2.5-ton 6x6 was the ACKW(X)-353 six-wheel drive commercial truck (1939-1941).
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The CCKW military version also had all six wheels powered. The powerplant was a 4.4 litre 6-cylinder inline gas engine, with an output of 104 hp.

Mass production of the military type started in 1941, and it quickly became the most widely used tactical transport vehicle of the US armed forces of World War Two. International Harvester produced a very similar vehicle for the US Navy and Marines, and more than half of the 197,000 units produce by Studebaker went to the Soviet Army.

The 2.5-ton truck was available with a hard or soft cab and with or without a winch. The soft cab version eventually became the military standard, and many of the existing hard cabs were later converted.

It was nicknamed the “Deuce and a half”, after its 2.5-ton capacity rating.
GMC 2½-ton truck (Resin x2) (US431)
GMC 2½-ton truck (Resin x2) (US431) In Flames OF War

You can get GMC 2½-ton trucks in a number of different platoons in a US force, from towing your 75mm and 105mm Howitzers or 40mm

Bofors to transporting your pioneers or even  rifle platoons with the Truck Section.

It is a BIG truck and can carry up to 6 passengers, though it can be a little limited by it mobility of Wheeled (16”/40cm on roads, 8”/20cm cross-country and 4”/10cm in difficult going).

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter
GMC 2½-ton truck (Resin x2) (US431) GMC 2½-ton truck (Resin x2) (US431)
GMC 2½-ton truck (Resin x2) (US431) GMC 2½-ton truck (Resin x2) (US431)
GMC 2½-ton truck (Resin x2) (US431)

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