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Csaba Armoured Car (HU300)

Csaba Armoured Car (HU300)

Csaba Armoured Car (HU300)
39M Csaba

The Csaba armoured car started life as a design by former Hungarian engineer Michael Straussler. He designed a four-wheel-drive armoured car for the British army in 1933, and asked Hungarian company Manfred Weiss to produce the prototype for him. This armoured car was the AC I.

The Hungarian saw advantages applicable to their own uses in this vehicle, but due to the depression and tight finances were unable to purchase it. In 1935 Straussler and Manfred Weiss continued to develop the concept and produced the AC II. The new vehicle had both front and rear driving positions for easy extraction from difficult positions.

Manfred Weiss produced two prototypes; one went to the British army for testing while the other remained at the factory. Under the guidance of the Hungarian Military Technical Institute Manfred Weiss went about designing a turret.

Csaba Armoured Car (HU300)
Csaba Armoured Car (HU300)

The final prototype was purchased by the army and underwent trials alongside a number of foreign designs.

After trials, the AC II was accepted in 1939,  designated the 39M Csaba and was intended for reconnaissance units. The turret was armed with a 20mm 36M Solothurn anti-tank rifle and a 8mm machine-gun. In 1939 the Ministry of Defence ordered 61 Csaba and then a further 20 were ordered in 1940.

12 40M Csaba command variants were ordered in 1940 as well as command vehicles for company and battalion commands. These vehicles had smaller turrets armed with a single 8mm machine-gun and carried a more powerful radio with a large antenna array.

Technical Details

Weight: 5.9 tons
Crew: 4
Engine: 90 Hp 8-cyclinder Ford
Maximum Speed: 65 km/h
Range: 150km
Armament: 36M 20mm anti-tank rifle, 34/37A M 8mm machine-gun
Armour: 9-13mm
Radio: R-4

Csaba Armoured Car (HU300)
Csaba Armoured Car (HU300)

In Flames Of War

The Csaba armoured car supports the tanks of the Harckocsizó Század (Tank Company), scouting the enemy positions before an attack.

The Csaba is an excellent scout vehicle using roads and tracks to probe enemy positions (mobility: Wheeled).

It is armed with a 20mm 36M anti-tank rifle (Range 16”/40cm, ROF 3, AT 5, FP 5+) giving is ample offensive power to deal with enemy reconnaissance. It armour is light, but enough to protect it from infantry (Front 1, Side 0, Top 0).

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted By Wayne Turner

Csaba Armoured Car (HU300) Csaba Armoured Car (HU300)
Csaba Armoured Car (HU300) Csaba Armoured Car (HU300)
Csaba Armoured Car (HU300) Csaba Armoured Car (HU300)

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