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Machine-gun Platoon (FI704)

Machine-gun Platoon (FI704) Machine-gun Platoon (FI704)
Maxim M/09-09 7.62mm machine-gun

After the Finns had won their independence from Russia in 1918 they ended up with about 600 Maxim machine-guns. They were either the m/1905 (the first Russian production model) or the m/1910 (a slightly lighter improved model) all of course in Russian 7.62 mm x 54R caliber.
These were on the standard Sokolov-type wheeled mounts. Finnish Army designated the m/1905 and m/1910 the M/09 in line with the very similar German Maxim. The Sokolov mount was also designated M/09 and the Maxim in Finnish use became the M/09-09.

The Finns increased their number of Maxim machine-gun by purchasing them from non-Russian sources during the 1920s, including Poland and Italy.

Machine-gun Platoon (FI704)
Machine-gun Platoon (FI704) A large number of the Finnish M/09-09s were modified to M/09-21. This remounted the Maxim machine-gun on a folding tri-pod roughly similar to that used by the Germans on the sMG-34 and sMG42.

The Finnish also manufactured spares for their growing arsenal of Maxim machine-guns at the Lindelöf metal workshop.

They also began to standardise them from 1927 so all parts were of the same specification.

The wheeled Sokolov M/09 mount (as well as the M/21 tripod mounts) remained in use during WWII, but the shield was removed to reduce the weight.

Machine-gun Platoon (FI704)
Machine-gun Platoon (FI704) More Soviet Maxims were captured during the Winter War and were also pressed into action. These were mostly a newer improved m/1910 type, but older m/1910 models were also captured.
Older heavier m/1905 types were usually issued to static defence troops, with the lighter M/09-09 (m/1910) and M/09-21 models being issued to mobile troops and for offensive operation where they were likely to be moved often.
Machine-gun Platoon (FI704)
Machine-gun Platoon (FI704) In Flames Of War

Like most Machine-guns in 2nd Edition Flames Of War the Maxim has a Range 24”/60cm, ROF 6, AT 2, FP 6.

A Finnish Jalkaväki komppania can have up to two Machine-gun platoon as weapons choices.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Dion Holswich

Machine-gun Platoon (FI704) Machine-gun Platoon (FI704)
Machine-gun Platoon (FI704)

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