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Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884)

Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884)

Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884)

1941 found the 18-year-old Viktor Ivanovich Nevsky studying. At the outbreak of war he immediately tried to volunteer at the military commissariat, but was turned down and told to return to his studies. A month later he returned and added two years to his age. He was sent to study at the 1st Gorki Automobile and Motorcycle Academy. In August 1942 the Academy became the 1st Gorki Armour Academy. Nevsky excelled and made a name for himself by mastering the tank’s main gun on the move.

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Nevsky was also outstanding in all his other practical and theoretical exams. He passed the tank course with an excellent mark and was commissioned as a Leytenant in April 1943. In May he was sent to the front with a reserve tank regiment.

His replacement company of  T-34 tanks was incorporated into the 35th Guards Tank Brigade, 3rd Guard Mechanised Corps. The corps was committed to the Kursk battles in August 1943 and Nevsky saw his first combat.
Nevsky did well, destroying two enemy vehicles, but the battalion’s casualties were high. Four days later Nevsky lost his first tank after it took two hits and caught fire.

Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884)
Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884)

Nevsky had lasted much longer than many of his fellow academy graduates. Only eight of 57 graduates survived the battle. Nevsky’s battalion commander was pleased with his performance and recommended him for the title of ‘Guardsman’, an honour that was well earned.

His corps pushed to the Dnepr River in late 1943. There he was appointed the liaison officer to the brigade staff, but in October Nevsky was back in a tank, replacing a fallen comrade as a tank commander. However, Nevsky had benefited immensely from his time with the brigade staff, learning to read maps, and learning how tank companies, battalions and brigades function together, things most tankers have little knowledge of. 

At first Nevsky’s new crew were unsure of him, they were all much older than he was. They had seen young commanders come and go. However, after demonstrating his confident command, knowledge, and skill they soon came to respect him. During the battles on the Dnepr he proved himself time and time again. He was soon commanding a platoon, and then a company with a promotion to Kapitan.

In 1944 his corps received Lend-lease M4 and Valentina tanks. Nevsky was promoted to command his battalion and he set about learning all that he could about his new foreign tanks. Nevsky was about to lead his new tanks into one of the Red Armies greatest victories...

In the Pack

Nevsky comes with a M4 Sherman with unique stowage on the hull and turret. 

Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884)
Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884)

In Flames Of War

Kapitan V I Nevsky is a Warrior and a Company Command Tank team rated as Fearless Veteran.

Nevsky may join any Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Batalon (Lend-lease Tank Battalion) and replaces the Company Command M4A2 Sherman tank in the Battalion HQ for an additional +50 points.

Special Rules: 

Served on the Staff
Kapitan V I Nevsky has served on the staff and has a better appreciation of the tactical goals and the role of the battalion within them.
After all deployment, but before the game begins,

Kapitan V I Nevsky may move himself and one Combat Company within 6”/15cm of him, that is not already part of a Forward Detachment, up to their normal distance in any direction within their deployment area. This movement may not be At the Double and may not take any team outside the deployment area.

Respect of the Men
When a new commander takes over his welcome is not always warm, but Kapitan V I Nevsky quickly earned the respect and loyalty of his men with his knowledge, skills and charisma.

Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884)
Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884)

Kapitan V I Nevsky’s tank and any platoon (Soviet company) he is currently leading always pass Motivation Tests on a roll of 2+.

Battle Tested
Nevsky’s experience also gives him a good feel for the battle-field and his tactical knowledge puts him in good stead.

The Hen and Chicks special rule does not apply to Nevsky. If he joins a platoon (Soviet company), the rest of the platoon still obey the Hen and Chicks special rule, but ignore all movement by Nevsky.


Designed by Evan Allen
Tank Stowage by Jeremy Painter
Painted by Jeremy Painter

Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884) Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884)
Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884) Kapitan V I Nevsky (SU884)

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