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Spetsnaz Platoon (SU747)

Spetsnaz SMG team

Spetsnaz Platoon (SU747)

Soviet special forces are well versed in the arts of deception, stealth, infiltration, and reconnaissance. The Spetsnaz (short for special purpose—pronounced, spets-naz), as masters of their art, often go into battle in captured German half-tracks and German uniforms to deceive the enemy and allow them to infiltrate behind enemy lines.

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Spetsnaz Platoon (SU747)

In Flames Of War

A Spetsnaz Platoon can be field in a Soviet force from Hammer and Sickle. A Spetsnaz Platoon uses the Forward Detachment and Decoy special rules, is a Reconnaissance Platoon and are rated Fearless Veteran.

Spetsnaz Platoons are an exception to the Centralised Control and Hen and Chicks special rules. They operate as a normal platoon.

This pack can also be used for the Scout Platoons from Fortress Europe and Stalin's Onslaught

Spetsnaz SMG team
Spetsnaz SMG team

A Spetsnaz Platoon has the folling special rules: 

Forward Detachment
A forward detachment works ahead of the main force, surprising the enemy, finding weak spots, and penetrating the defensive line for following Soviet troops.

Players commanding any Soviet Battalion (Flames Of War Company) is this book may infiltrate their Decoy Tank Company or Spetsnaz Platoon whenever they are attacking an enemy in Prepared Positions and have the first turn.

A Decoy Tank Company or Spetsnaz Platoon may infiltrate with a single unit, deployed within Command Distance of them, from the following list:

• Gvardeyskiy Tankovy Company
• Tankovy Company
• Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Company
• Light Tankovy Company
• Motostrelkovy Company,
• Tank Rider Company
• Motostrelkovy Submachine-gun Company
• Light Armoured Car Platoon
• Razvedki Platoon

Spetsnaz SMG team
Spetsnaz Command SMG team

If the infiltrated company is a type of Tankovy Company without Tankodesantniki, they can also carry a Tank-rider Company as passengers.

When other teams make Reconnaissance Deployment moves, the Forward Detachment teams may move up to 16”/40cm. This is instead of their normal movement distance and they cannot Move at the Double. They use all the normal movement rules for terrain (including those for obstacles and fortifications). If they end this movement within 8”/20cm of an enemy team, or within 16”/40cm of an enemy team and not in Concealing Terrain or out of Line of Sight, they are automatically detected.

If the infiltrating troops are not automatically detected, roll a die:

On a roll of 2+, they have infiltrated undetected.
On a roll of 1, they are detected.

If the infiltrators are detected, the infiltrating player gives the first turn to their opponent.

Forward elements of the Soviet forces use captured equipment and specialist troops in captured uniforms to fool the Germans. These troops lead the advance into the German positions and rely on the enemy not immediately identifying them to penetrate through the lines. They then create havoc to disrupt the defence before the main force hits.

Spetsnaz Command SMG team
Spetsnaz SMG team

A Spetsnaz Platoon or Decoy Tank Company must be identified before the enemy can shoot at it or assault it. These units start the game unidentified.

If a Spetsnaz Platoon or Decoy Tank Company shoots or launches an assault, they are immediately identified by all enemy platoons.

In order to identify a Spetsnaz Platoon or Decoy Tank Company, an enemy platoon must attempt to shoot at it or select it as the target for an artillery bombardment. Before rolling to hit with the shooting platoon, roll a Skill Test for the platoon. Spetsnaz SMG team
Spetsnaz SMG team

• If they pass the Skill Test, they identify the Soviet platoon or company and shoot at it as normal. The Soviet unit is now identified to all enemy platoons.

• If they fail, they do not identify the unit, but may shoot at other Soviet units instead.

Aircraft cannot choose an unidentified team as the target of an air strike. 

Enemy reconnaissance teams automatically identify a Spetsnaz Platoon or Decoy Tank Company if they are within 8”/20cm when they attempt to shoot at them.

Sometimes your Decoy teams will be facing enemy other than the Germans. On these occasions the Decoy Platoon retains all the Decoy Special Rules as it is assumed that Soviets are using their new enemy’s captured vehicles.

Spetsnaz SMG team

However, you can still model your decoy troops as, and use the characteristics of, the historically-correct captured German equipment.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown 

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