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Battlefield In A Box ~ Russia

Battlefield In A Box Battlefield In A Box ~ Eastern Front

Take a look at our new range of scenery, Battlefield In A Box. The project has been a collaborative effort between Battlefront and Gale Force Nine in the US to produce a range of pre-painted quality gaming scenery.

Battlefield In A Box ~ Eastern Front

The models have been sculpted by master modeler Jason Buyaki who many of you will know from his great work in White Dwarf. Jason, now one of the GF9 team, had great fun working on these historical 1/100th scale sets after having been used to the freedom of the fantasy and sci-fi worlds they were a new challenge for someone who has probably made more scenery that I have had hot dinners.

4x different Eastern Front buildings with separate roofs and detailed interiors.
4x long fence sections
4x short fence sections
6x haystacks

They are ready to use straight out of the box and give you a great focal point for any table. They are made out of durable resin and come pre-painted. 


Party official's office
Battlefield In A Box ~ Eastern Front
Battlefield In A Box ~ Eastern Front
Russian village
Party official's office Removable roofs

Last Updated On Tuesday, November 4, 2008 by Wayne at Battlefront