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Polish Early War Paint Set

Polish Early War Paint Set

Polish Early War Paint Set (PPS01)

This paint set provides the specialist colours needed to paint your Polish force for Flames Of War during the Early-war period. These colours have been carefully selected to match the historical versions as closely as possible.

This set contains:

Brown Violet (887)

Green Brown (879)

Green Grey (886)

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This set also includes the following Tank Colours:

Reflective Green (890)

Flat Earth (983)

Dark Sand (847)

Vallejo Paint pots contain 17 ml. Vallejo is trademark of Acrylicos Vallejo S.L. Spain.

These colours in addition to the colours found in the Quartermasters Paint Set, or the North Africa Paint Set will provide you with everything you need to paint your Early-war Polish forces.

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Polish Early War Paint Set
Polish Early War Tank Company
Polish Early War Infantry Company
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