Battlefront UK Plays Infantry Aces: Part Four

Anders Johannson

Battlefront UK Plays Infantry Aces:
Part Four

with Anders Johansson

This week the games continue in the Battlefront UK Infantry Aces campaign.

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This week's games saw my Goums and Dan’s Ghurkhas were pitted against Alex’s Fallschirmjäger and Matt’s Reichgrenadiers.

Below: Anders, Dan, Alex and Matt fight it out.
Anders, Dan, Alex and Matt fight it out
Alex and I rolled Cauldron as the scenario to play (1-3 was No Retreat and 4-6 was Cauldron for mission selection), for our Town Route-Castle Hill battle. The Fallschirmjäger started on the big hill with the Goums taking up position below them.

Below: Alex and Anders deploy their forces.
Alex and Anders deploy their forces
We ended up playing a simpler version of Cauldron with all the fiddly bits removed. This was only Alex’s second game of Flames Of War so we focused on the nuances of the Shooting and Assault steps and of course having fun! We always have to play our games in under an hour in the morning before the start of the working day, so we make it as quick and easy as possible. But even if you happen to have plenty of time to go through rules and game mechanics with a new player, watch that you don’t overload them with information. As it is likely to go in one ear and out the other; instead, focus on a few core rules at a time, keep it reasonably quick and see that both you and your opponent have an enjoyable game! Infantry Aces is very well suited as a tool to introduce new players to Flames Of War because of its escalating structure.

Below: Anders and Alex fight it out while having fun!
Anders and Alex fight it out while having fun!
The Goums started out in the village below the hill, trying the avoid taking any fire from Alex’s Fallschirmjäger. When they skirted to the right along the cliff line, a cunning plan came to mind; I was to make use of the Goums Mountaineering ability, climb the cliffs and assault the Fallschirmsjäger. My Sniper managed to keep the Fallschirmjäger pinned down, but for two turns Defensive Fire managed to score five hits on six dice and throw the Goums back. On the final turn, my other Goum platoon reinforced the depleted one and this time they managed to get into Assault and kill some of the Fallschirmjäger. But they easily passed their Morale Check (on a 2+) to counter-attack and finished me off. So a narrow German victory in a close but fun game. But more importantly, I got to use the Mountaineering rule!

While this was going on at Castle Hill, Dan’s Ghurkhas were busy with Matt’s Reichgrenadiers.

Below: Matt and Dan get to work.
Matt and Dan get to work
They played No Retreat but missed looking up the special rules for the scenario from the Cassino book. So instead of a Night Attack, the Ghurkhas charged valiantly into a hail of HMG and Mortar fire during board daylight and died rather quickly. Matt rolling and getting Reserves right away also helped the German cause.

There is one more round of battles at 500 points; then we will move up to 700 points, add to the skills our Infantry Aces and increase our forces with some more support options.

~ Anders.

Below: Matt and Dan comtemplate their next moves.
Matt and Dan get to work

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