Citizen Soldiers: US Infantry Forces In France

D-Day: Americans

Citizen Soldiers
US Infantry Forces In France

By Mike Haught

At their height, the battles for Normandy and Brittany included 14 American infantry divisions. These arrived between D-Day on 6 June 1944 through the end of August, just as the battles for northern France were coming to a close. Obviously there are too many divisions for each to be featured in D-Day: American, however as luck and American efficiency would have it, you can easily adapt the simple Rifle Company to field these divisions in Flames Of War.

Below are all of the US infantry divisions that played an important part in the Normandy fighting. We’ve included a brief history about the division, motivation and skill ratings, and what Formation and Command Cards to use, which represents that division between June and September 1944.

Citizen Soldiers

It is important to remember that not all of the following divisions are created equal. The options available to these Rifle Companies represent what was available to that division during its campaign in France. Between all of these variants, you are sure to find one that suits your play style.

D-Day: American Infantry Divisions

Don’t forget about the Infantry Divisions in the D-Day: American book, the 1st and 29th Infantry Divisions. Together with this series of articles you should have all of the Infantry divisions involved in the battles of Normandy and Brittany between June and early September 1944.

Indianhead  2nd Infantry Division 'Indianhead'... Ivy 4th Infantry Division 'Ivy'... The Red Devils 5th Infantry Division 'The Red Devils'...
Pathfinder 8th Infantry Divison 'Pathfinder'...  Old Reliable 9th Infantry Division 'Old Reliable'... Keystone 28th Infantry Division 'Keystone'...
Old Hickory 30th Infantry Divison 'Old Hickory'... Sante Fe 35th Infantry Division 'Santa Fe'... The Cross of Lorraine 79th Infantry Division 'The Cross of Lorraine'...
Blue Ridge 80th Infantry Division 'Blue Ridge'... Thunderbolt 83rd Infantry Division 'Thunderbolt'... Tough 'Ombres 90th Infantry Division 'The Tough ’Ombres'...

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