Late War Fallschirmpionierkompanie

Late War Fallschirmpionier-kompanie

The Fallschirmpionier battalions began forming in 1940 to provide combat engineering support to the Fallschirmjäger. Because of their engineering skills they were automatically the first choice as glider troops. In glider operations they could carry all the equipment needed to knock out enemy fortifications.

This allowed them to assault objectives immediately, unlike in parachute operations where they would need to collect their equipment from drop canisters.

Like Fallschirmjäger, by 1944 the Fallschirmpioniers found themselves fighting in the front lines alongside the Heer and SS. Time and time again they proved themselves in battle. These elite troops were often used as fire brigades, being sent to plug breakthroughs, or to shore up a wavering line.

A company of elite Fallschirmpionier could be counted on to hold any objective. Few forces without overwhelming odds have a chance in rooting them out once they are determined to stay.

Twelve battalions were formed, most of them in 1944 and 1945. Each Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon had four companies, except where noted.

Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 1
Formed in 1940 as the Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon of the 7.Flieger-Division. In May 1943 they were renamed Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 1 and assigned to 1. Fallschirmjägerdivision. In April 1945, the 2nd company was used to form Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 10.

Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 2
Formed in February 1943. In February 1944 the 3rd company was used to form the Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 4, and a new 3rd company was formed later in 1944. It was destroyed on 19 September 1944 in Brest and reformed December 1944.

Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 3
Formed 1in January 1944.

Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 4
Formed in January 1944 in Italy, using the 2nd company of Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 2. Part of this unit was used to form the Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 10 in April 1945.

Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 5
Formed March 1944 in Reims, France. It was destroyed in Normandy. Reformed in November 1944 in Holland

Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 6
Formed June 1944 in France. It was destroyed in the following fighting. Reformed in October 1944 in Holland.

Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 7
Formed in November 1944.

Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 8
Formed in February 1945 at Köln-Wahn, Germany from Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon Mattern, an ad-hoc unit.

Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 9
Formed in February 1945

Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 10
Formed in late March 1945 in the Graz, Austria area, from 2nd company of Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 2 and a company of Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 4. Served with the 10. Fallschirmjägerdivision.

Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 11
Formed in March 1945 from an ad-hoc unit, with only three companies. Also known as Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon von Albert. Operated independently in the Oldenburg, Germany area.

Fallschirmpionier-Bataillon 21
Formed on 5 April 1945 with only three companies.

Fallschirmjager in Italy


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