The Spanish Armada

T-62 Main Battle Tank 1965–2005

The Spanish Armada
The Great Enterprise against England 1588

By Angus Konstam

Hardback; July 2009; 224 pages; ISBN: 9781846034961

The Spanish Armada: The Great Enterprise against England 1588...

Depending on the country you grew up in there are certain parts of your national history that you get taught at school and will always remember fondly. As a young boy growing up in England it was the reign of Elizabeth I and the defeat of the Spanish Armada for me. I re-call that this was one of those “cool” bits of history that I found exciting at the time. After twenty five years of not thinking about this at all the memory popped back into my mind as I saw the latest pile of Osprey books for review arrive in the studio and I found myself volunteering to do this review.

Angus Konstam has done a great job with this book, threading the whole story together into a fascinating and easy read.

As with most moments in time the conflict itself does not stand alone and the “Road to War” section explains well the history of the sixty years prior to the battle to lay the ground work for your understanding on why this conflict existed. The following sections go on to explore the men and ships of both sides as well as the tactics they used and how the exploits of their very dynamic commanders created success and animosity between England and Spain. These sections hold enough detail to satisfy most reader’s needs and as always with Osprey the abundance of great colour art helps visualize the forces well.

The section that follows on the campaign illustrates just what a massive endeavor this was and how Spain had worked hard to create a force that must have seemed unstoppable not only by the Spanish but to the English as well. The English fleet and its resolute actions against a much larger force only confirmed my childhood memories that the English had dashingly brave captains who like Errol Flynn in Captain Blood made it all seem so easy to be heroic in the face of insurmountable odds. The truth not being quite so Hollywood does not change the astonishing story of how the English defeated the Spanish and changed the course of world history forever.

This is a great read for anybody interested in finding out more about a turning point in history that allowed England and Elizabeth I to enter the “Golden Age” allowing a small damp island of people to dominate the world for almost the next four centauries. Highly recommended.
- John-Paul

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