Clean Sweep

Soviets defend a river and bridge

Clean Sweep

The Clean Sweep Mission uses the Planned Attack and Prepared Positions special rules.

The Clean Sweep Mission echoes the times when a small force has taken up strong defensive positions in a village and are totally surrounded. The Clean Sweep Mission is about a last ditch defence of a strategic objective, with no hope of reinforcements arriving. This Mission is suitable for playing with smaller armies and on smaller tables.

I’ve enjoyed playing this mission on a table 4’ by 3’ and with armies of 1000 points per side.


The last remnants of the enemy force has taken up defensive positions around a strategic objective. You must attack immediately to take the objective and clean the area of any enemy resistance.
Your force has been hit hard and has now been surrounded; there is little hope of reinforcements.

You must take up strong defensive positions and hold on to the objective for as long as possible. 


1. Mark the centre of the table.

2. A player with an Infantry Company will defend against a player with a Motorised Infantry Company or a Tank Company. A player with a Motorised Infantry Company will defend against a player with a Tank Company. In all other cases, both players roll a die and the highest scoring player chooses to attack or defend.

3. The attacking player places two objectives within 8’’/20cm of the centre of the table and at least 8’’/20cm from each other.

Germans defend a hill position
Germans hold a village

4. The forces are then deployed using the Planned Attack special rule.

5. Both players begin the game in Prepared Positions.

6. The attacking player gets the first turn.


The battle ends when:

• The attacking player holds both objectives at the start of their turn.
• The defending player starts any turn from turn six holding both objectives.
• Either side is totally removed from the battlefield.


The attacking player wins if they hold both objectives at the end of the game. The enemy resistance has been neutralised and the strategic objectives have been reclaimed.

The defending player wins if they hold both objectives at the end of the game. The initial attack has been repulsed, your defences are strong and the enemy will need to commit more forces to remove you from behind their lines.

Use the standard victory points table to calculate the victory points for this battle. 

Special Rules:

Planned Attack

The attacker has been able to observe most of the defenders positions and is able to prepare a plan of attack to counter these defences. During the night the attacker has moved into prepared positions ready to launch a dawn attack.

• The defender places at least half of their available platoons on the table. These platoons must all be within 8’’/20cm of an objective.

Winter fighting
Defending a building

• The attacker then deploys all of their force (including the company commander) within 6’’/15cm of any table edge and at least 12’’/30cm from any of the defenders.
• Finally the defender places the rest of their force (including the company command) on the table. These must be 16’’/40cm from any attacker or 8’’/20cm from any attacker if out of the line of sight.

Designed by: Quintin Howard 2004

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