Get Away

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Get Away
Raiding Force Mission
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The Get Away mission uses the Raiding Force, Escape, Safe in the Rear Areas, and Scattered Reserves special rules.

Both forces use the Raiding Force special rules to form their forces. However, the attacking force may include in a reconaissance company compulsory platoons that are not Reconnaissance Platoons.

Having finished their mission, the raiders are returning to base. However, the enemy out hunting them have found them and are blocking the only escape route!

Your Orders

You’ve tracked down the raiding forces that have been causing you such problems. You’ve headed them off at the pass and they are trapped. Now you only have to destroy them once and for all!

Get Away

It all looked good. With your mission accomplished you were on the way home when enemy reconnaissance aircraft spotted your force. Now a light enemy force is blocking the only way out. You’ll have to fight your way through if you are going to get away.

Preparing for battle

1. The attacker chooses which table half the defender will deploy in. The defender must escape across the opposite table end to win the game.

2. The defending player deploys their entire force in their half of the table at least 8”/20cm from the table centre line and all table edges.

3. The attacking player deploys one platoon anywhere on the table. The rest of their force is held in reserve. All Tank, Transport, and Gun teams must be placed more than 16”/40cm away from all defending teams and all Infantry teams more than 4”/10cm away from all defending teams.

Beginning the battle

The defending player has the first turn. All attacking teams count as having been moving in their previous turn in the defender’s first turn, so cannot be gone to ground and infantry in the open are not concealed.

Ending the battle

The battle ends when there are no defending platoons on the table.

Deciding who won

The defending player wins if at least half of their platoons escape from the far table edge. Otherwise the attacking player wins.
Use the victory points table below to look up your victory points based on the number of platoons lost by the winning side.

Victory Points
Winners Losses
Winner’s Points
Loser’s Points
0 Platoons
Stunning Victory
1 Platoon
Major Victory
2 or more
Minor Victory

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LRDG Get Away!

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