River Of Heroes Pulawy Scenario

River Of Hereos


By Ken Camel

The third and final bridgehead secured by the Soviets over the Vistula River at the end of Operation Bagration was at Pulawy, nearly 100 kilometres south of Warsaw. Here the Soviets found the weakened remains of the 26th Infantry Division supported by the 19. Panzerdivision. Using their assault engineers to force the river, the Soviets gained another toehold from which to launch their final assault across Poland in January 1945.

A more forceful armoured response could have stopped the Soviets river assault. Can you find the mettle needed to hold the assault engineers until ample reserves arrive and keep Ivan east of the Vistula? Your infantry is weak but your armour can do the job if you can hold the eastern shore.

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Pulawy Scenario

The people of the Soviet Union are counting on your bravery and courage to cross the Vistula and secure a bridgehead for the Motherland. With the help of an Engineering Assault Brigade and a Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment your Tank Army must breach the German hold on the west bank and secure our foothold to Europe.

Your Orders

Take the bridgehead and secure the town!
“After all, you are the Army Commander. The final decision rests with you. And you will be held responsible for everything good or bad that develops.”  Marshal Rokossovsky to Marshal Chuikov.

Hold the bridges at all costs!
“Germany will never capitulate! The German soldier will fight to the last, and he knows how ...” Captured German Oberleutnant wearing the uniform of panzer troops.

Preparing for Battle

1. Set up terrain using the map as your guide.
2. Place the objectives as identified on the map.
3. The German deploys the Walküre Company in the German’s player deployment area, which extends from 12”/30cm on the Soviet side of the table back to the German short table edge. All three Walküre combat platoons must be deployed on the Soviet side of the river.
4. The Soviet player deploys their initial forces in the Soviet deployment area, which extends 24”/60cm back from the centre line of the table.

Pulawy Scenario Map
5. Both players now place their Independent teams in their deployment zones starting with the Soviet player.

Beginning the Battle

1. All reconnaissance platoons make their Reconnaissance Deployment moves starting with the Soviet Player.
2. The Soviet Player has the first turn.

Ending the Game

The battle ends after Turn 8 or:
1. If the Soviet Player holds either objective at the beginning of any of their turns.
2. One of the forces fails a Company Motivation Check.

Deciding Who Won

The German player gains one Victory Point for every turn after Turn Five that they hold the objective (Uncontested) and one Victory Point for every Soviet platoon destroyed after the first one.

The Soviet player gains one Victory point for each German platoon left on the Soviet side of the river when the Soviets have captured an objective. (A German platoon is considered on the Soviet side of the river if at least one team of that platoon is located on the Soviet side or is in the river or on a bridge when the Soviets hold an objective).

The Soviet Player wins if they hold the objective at the beginning of a turn or have forced the German forces to leave the field of battle.

Special Rules

River Assault Rules
River Assault Rules (page  67 Firestorm-Bagration rulebook) are in effect for both Soviet and German forces.

Bridge Destruction Rules
During the Reinforcement Step of the German Player’s Third Turn, he may attempt to destroy any bridge across the river. To Destroy a bridge roll one die for each bridge you wish to destroy. On a roll of 3+ the bridge is destroyed and becomes impassable terrain for the rest of the game.

Soviet Forces
Engineer-Sapper battalion,
57th Guards Rifle Division,
8th Guards Army
Inzhenerno-Saperniy Batalon
(Fearless Trained)
See River Of Heroes pages 12 to 16

Podpolkovnik Yuri Bulgarin Inzhenerno-Saperniy Batalon HQ
1ya Inzhenerno-Saperniy Rota
1ya Batalon
Engineer-Sapper Company
2 Assault Sapper Platoons
1ya Inzhenerno-Saperniy Rota
1ya Batalon
Engineer-Sapper Company
2 Assault Sapper Platoons
2ya Udarny Strelkovy Rota
2ya Batalon
Udarny Strelkovy Company
2 Rifle Platoons w/Ford GPA Amphibious jeeps
5ya Ognemetchukov Rota
Flame-thrower Company
4 Flames-thrower Sections
1115ya Tyazheliy Samokhodniy Artileriskiy Polk
Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment
HQ plus 2 Guards Heavy Assault Gun Companies
1 IS-2 obr 1943, 6 ISU-152 (3 per Company)

94ya Tankovy Batalon,
51ya Tankovy Brigada,
3rd Tank Corps, 2nd Tank Army
94ya Tankovy Batalon
Tankovy Batalon
Batalon HQ (1 T-34/85 obr 1943)
2 Tankovy Companies (each 5 T-34/85 obr 1943)

German Forces
1. Kompanie, I/78. Infantrie Regiment, 26. Infantriedivision Reinforced by 19. Panzerdivision Walkürekompanie
(Confident Trained)
See Walküre & Sicherungs Intelligence Briefing

1. Kompanie Commander Company HQ
(Company Command SMG team, 2iC Command SMG team, two MG42 HMG, two Panzershreck teams)
1. Zug, 1. Kompanie Walküre Platoon
3 Walküre Squads
2. Zug, 1. Kompanie Walküre Platoon
3 Walküre Squads
3. Zug, 1. Kompanie
Walküre Platoon
3 Walküre Squads
Schwere Kompanie Walküre Mortar Platoon, 3 Walküre Mortar Sections
Walküre Machine-gun Platoon,
2 Walküre Machine-gun sections
Regimental Schwere Kompanie Walküre Infantry Gun Platoon, 2 Infantry gun sections (1.5cm sIG 33 guns)
Walküre Anti-tank Gun Platoon, 2 Anti-tank Gun Sections (4 7.5cm PaK 40)
19. Panzerdivision Support Delayed Reserves
(Confident Veteran)
See Walküre & Sicherungs Intelligence Briefing
1.Kompanie, I/27. Panzer Regiment, HQ 2 Panther D
1.Kompanie, I/27. Panzer Regiment, 1. Zug
4 Panther D
1.Kompanie, I/27. Panzer Regiment, 2. Zug
4 Panther D
59. Panzergrenadier Regiment,
II. Battalion, 9.Kompanie
Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon
(3 Squads)

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