Escape from the Gestapo: A Partisans and Polizei Scenario

Partisans and Polizei

Escape from the Gestapo
A Partisans and Polizei Scenario

Recently we published this Partisans and Polizei Scenario in Wargames Illustrated 261. Now you can download it and try it out.

A copy of the Flames Of War rulebook, and a copy of Firestorm-Bagration are required to use the contents of this scenario.

Despite a daring attack by the Byelorussian partisans on the bridge over the Usvoyka River, most of the German forces were able to escape. The German unit under the command of Hauptsturmführer von Gaudron even captured the injured partisan leader, Vasiliy Kravchenko. He is currently in a secured location, awaiting a convoy including members of the Gestapo who will discuss his activities in depth.

Escape from the Gestapo scenario uses the Injured!, Delayed Reserves and Bring up the Tank! special rules.

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