Kampgruppe von Saucken Scenario

Hammer and Sickle

Hammer and Sickle

Kampgruppe von Saucken Scenario

General der Panzertruppen Eric von Saucken was given the unenviable task to halt the Soviet offensive. To do this, he was given the remnants of 4. Armee, (mostly security and reserves or replacement troops), some Walküre replacement regiments, and 5. Panzerdivision supported by the 505. Schwere Panzerabteilung.

These forces constituted Kampgruppe von Saucken.

In turn, von Saucken created additional kampfgruppen to meet the advancing Soviet spearheads northeast of Minsk. One kampfgruppe in particular contained elements of both the 505. Schwere Panzer and 5. Panzer. Their mission was to reopen the road to Minsk recently closed by a Soviet Mechanised Corps.

The 3rd Guards Mechanised Corps had already brought their anti-tank belt forward to block the road and ultimately summoned additional assistance from the 27th Guards Tank Regiment. The outcome would determine the fate of retreating 4.Armee forces attempting to reach Minsk.


The fall of Borisov has opened the main road from Orsha to Minsk for the Soviet Army. Feldmarschall Model has appointed you as Kampfgruppe Commander. You are the Fuerher’s firemen. It is your job to reopen the road to Orsha so that the remaining units of the 4. Armee can retreat safely to Minsk.

Once this has been accomplished we can begin to reorganize the defence line along the Berezina river. This is the first step in halting the Soviet offensive. Securing the main road will insure adequate supply to turn the tide and defeat the Red Army in the field.

Your Orders

Your Kampfgruppe has been tasked to counterattack against the Soviet forces blocking the main road between Minsk and Orsha. It is imperative that you open the road for the 4.Armee that is retreating back to Minsk. You have a powerful Kampfgruppe at your disposal. It is time to uncage the Tigers and Panthers upon the Russian plains. Drive them back. Onward to victory!

Your Motorstrelkovy Batalon supported by Tank Destroyers Companies has been assigned to hold the critical Minsk-Orsha road until the Tank Corps can push through to Minsk. You will have little time to build your defences. If the Germans attack it will be swift and furious. You must hold the road open for the advancing Tanks Corps.

The Kampfgruppe von Saucken scenario uses the Delayed Reserves and Mobile Battle special rules. 

Preparing for Battle
1. Set up terrain using the map as your guide.
2. Place the objective as identified on the map. The objective must be at least 12”/30cm from the table centerline.
3. The Soviet player deploys their initial forces in the Soviet deployment area.
4. The German then deploys their entire force in the German’s deployment area.
5. Both players now place their Independent teams in their deployment zones starting with the Soviet player.

Scenario Map

Beginning the Battle
1. All reconnaissance platoons make their Reconnaissance Deployment moves starting with the German Player.
2. The German Player has the first turn.

Ending the Game
The battle ends after Turn 10 or:
1. If the German Player holds the objective at the beginning of any of their turns.
2. One of the forces fails a Company Motivation Check.

Deciding Who Won
The Soviet player gains one Victory Point for every turn after Turn Five that they hold the objective (Uncontested) and one Victory Point for each of the first two German platoons destroyed.
The German Player wins if they hold the objective at the beginning of a turn or have forced the Soviet forces to leave the field of battle.


For the rules and Intelligence Briefings for the German and Soviet forces see Hammer and Sickle

505. Schwere Panzer Kompanie
5. Panzerdivision
1. Schwere Panzerkompanie
General der Panzertruppen Dietrich von Saucken Dietrich von Saucken w/ SdKfz 250/1
1. Kompanie Commander Tiger IE
1. Zug, 1. Kompanie 3 Tiger IE
2. Zug, 1. Kompanie 2 Tiger IE
Schwere Panzerpionier Platoon 3 Pionier Squads
Schwere Armoured Anti-aircraft Platoon 3 Anti-aircraft gun sections
Schwere Armoured Scout Platoon 2 Scout Platoons in Sd Kfz 250/1 half-tracks
5. Panzer Division Support Reserves:
Pz. Rgt 31, II.Battalion, 5.Kompanie, 3.Zug 4 Panzer IV H
5th Panzeraufklärungs Abt. Armoured Panzergrenadier Platoon (3 Squads)
116th Panzer Artillerie Rgt, I.Battalion 6 Wespe
3rd Gvardeyskaya
Mechanizirovannaya korpus
2nd Rifle Batalon
(Fearles Trained)
Podpolkovnik Stas Yevlenko Battalion Command Rifle Teams
1ys Motostrelkovy Rota, 2ya Batolon 3 Motor Rifle Platoons w/Ford GPA Amphibious jeeps
2ys Motostrelkovy Rota, 2ya Batolon 3 Motor Rifle Platoons w/Ford GPA Amphibious jeeps
3ys Motostrelkovy Rota, 2ya Batolon 3 Motor Rifle Platoons w/Ford GPA Amphibious jeeps
5ya Otdyelnaya Pulyemyotnaya Rota 3 Machine-gun Platoons
5ya Otdyelnaya Minomyotnaya Rota 2 Mortar Platoons
4ya Motostrelkovy Protevotankovy Rota 3 Anti-tank Platoons (upgraded to 57mm)

1ys Saperny Batalon

3 Sapper Platoons with Supply Truck
6ys Protevotankovy Rota 2 Platoons 85mm with crew
7ys Protevotankovy Rota 2 Platoons 85mm with crew
27ya Gvardeyskaya Tankovy Polk 8 M4A2 Sherman tanks
27ya Gvardeyskaya Tankovy Polk 5 T-34/85
1ya Rota 172ya Gvardeyskaya Bronevik Batalon 4 Rifle Squads
1015ya Samokhodnaya Artelleria Polk 5 SU-76M

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