Point Of The Spear Scenario

Bagration: Soviet

Hammer and Sickle

Point Of The Spear Scenario

When the Soviets found a potential weak spot in the German lines they would initially probe with a reinforced Forward Detachment. If they found a hole they would try to expand it as quickly as possible before the Germans could counterattack. 

Bagration: German

With German defence units spread thin across a wide front and very limited armoured resources available for counterattack, this quick reaction follow-up proved very successful in breaking through the German lines.

Ultimately the Germans lost many units in trying to fill the holes in the dike. Although sometimes successful in holding an initial breakthrough for a few hours and sometimes a few days, the shear number of Soviet Forward Detachments exploiting German weak points prevented them from stabilising the Front without a major barrier such as a river to form the defence line. 


For three years, Podpolkovnik Ytka has been surviving German attacks. He has fought himself to the head of a Motorstrelkovy Batalon in the lead elements of a Mechanized Corps. Now he has the chance to take the battle to Germany.

Last week his unit has been given three captured panther tanks to lead his unit through the wood ahead of the tank columns and outflank the German defences on the main roads leading through Byelorussia.

First reports have been excellent. Your lead element has secured a small bridge over a tributary of the mighty Prypyat river north of Slutsk from a German infantry platoon. A tongue has revealed the track over the bridge leads back towards the main road to Baranovichi. Speed is your friend and glory your reward. 

Russian mechanized spearheads would force themselves through forests and marsh to show up behind German defensive lines. Sometimes the German learned of their movements and counterattacked before the Mech units could clear the woods and wreak havoc in the German rear areas.

The Point of the Sword scenario uses the Immediate Reserves special rules.

Your Orders

Your infantry are holding a small bridgehead in the woods and have reported a Soviet troops in their area. As the battalion mobile reserve you are responsible for engaging and destroying this spearhead. Failure will allow the Soviet advance to break through your lines and threatened the encirclement of the entire division. You have your orders, destroy this Soviet incursion.

Marshal Zhukov has personally selected your Batalon to lead the Forward Detachment through the woods and outflank the Fascist beast. You are not to fail. Force your way through the marshlands to the enemy’s rear area and begin the envelopment of their forces. Do not let them stop you. We must push them back to Berlin.

Setting Up

1. Set up terrain using the map as your guide.
2. Place the two objectives as identified on the map. Both objectives are on the road at least 12”/30cm from any table edge.

Scenario Map


1. Deploy the 3ya Rota 175ya Gvardeyskaya Bronevik Batalon and Pered Otrad within 4”/10cm of the Bridge at Point A. They have surprised and destroyed one Sperr platoon and now hold the bridge.
2. The rest of the Sperrverband (Blocking Force) deploys in prepared positions inside either woods B or C and at least 8”/20cm from Soviet troops.
3. The attacker deploys the rest of his forces in the Soviet Deployment area within 12”/30cm of the table edge
4. All German Infantry and Gun teams begin the game in Foxholes and Gone to Ground.
5. The German Player has the first turn.

Winning the Game

The Soviet player wins if they end their turn on or after the sixth turn holding one of the Objectives.
The German Player wins if they their turn on or after the sixth turn with no Attacking Soviet Tank, Infantry or Gun teams within 8”/20cm of an Objective.


The River is impassable to all but Infantry teams.


102. Grenadierdivision
Supported by
731.Panzerjäger Abteilung

Blocking Force
Grenadier Company (Bagration: German)
Kampfgruppe von Saucken Reserve Grenadier command card

Hauptmann Karl Hussman

Grenadier Company HQ (LG234)
2x MP40 SMG team with Panzerfaust

1st Platoon, 1. Sperr Pionier Platoon

Grenadier Platoon (LG235)
7x MG43 & K98 rifle team with Panzerfaust
Pioneer Platoon command card

2nd Platoon, 1. Sperr Plastoon

Grenadier Platoon (LG235)
5x MG42 & K98 rifle team with Panzerfaust
2x sMG42 HMG

Sperr Mortar Platoon

8cm Mortar Platoon (LG125)
4x 8cm mortar

Sperr Infantry Gun Platoon

15cm Gun Platoon (LG127)
2x 15cm infantry gun

Sperr Anti-tank gun Platoon

7.5cm Tank-hunter Platoon (LG131)
2x 7.5cm gun

I. Kompanie, 731.Panzerjäger Abteilung
Oberleutnant Max Grüber
1st Panzerjäger Platoon

Hetzer Tank-hunter Platoon (LG243)
3x Hetzer (7.5cm)

Stürmgeschutes Batterie,
102.Panzerjäger Abteilung

Oberleutnant Otto Krumpf
Stürmgeschutes Batterie

StuG Assault Gun Platoon (LG240)
3x StuG (7.5cm)

7th Gvardeyskaya
Mechanizirovannaya Brigada
so pered otrad

1st Motor Rifle Battalion
Motor Rifle Battalion (Bagration: Soviet)

Podpolkovnik Urii Ytka

Motor Rilfe Battalion HQ (LS181)
2x PPSh SMG team

1ys Motostrelkovy Rota, 1ya Batalon

Motor Rifle Company (LS182)
28x DP MG team, 1x Komissar

2ys Motostrelkovy Rota, 1ya Batalon

Motor Rifle Company (LS182)
28x DP MG team, 1x Komissar

3ya Otdyelnaya Pulyemyotnaya Rota

Maksim Machine-gun Company (LS112)
6x Maksim HMG

4ya Otdyelnaya Minomyotnaya Rota

82mm Mortar Company (LS113)
6x 82mm mortars

2ya Tankovy Ubiytza Polk

SU-85 Tank-killer Battery (LS144)
3x SU-85 (85mm)

43ya Gvardeyskaya Tankovy Polk

T-34 Tank Company (LS122)
8x T-34 (76mm)

3ya Rota 175ya Gvardeyskaya Bronevik Batalon

Armoured Reconnaissance Platoon (LS134)
6x PPSh SMG team, 3x M3 Scout (.50 cal MG)

Pered Otrad

Decoy Tank Company (Command Card)
1x Captured Panther (7.5cm)

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