Painting The Exclusive Doctor Who Miniatures

Painting The Doctor

Painting The Exclusive Doctor Who Miniatures
With James Brown

Battlefront Miniatures has created a pair of exclusive promotional figures commemorating the Doctor's tank-riding entrance for his 'axe battle' in the episode The Magician's Apprentice.

One in 15mm scale (to match the rest of the Flames Of War and Team Yankee ranges), standing on a Chieftain tank like in the episode, and the other scaled to match the Doctor figures in the Time of the Daleks board game.

They are both fun figures to paint, in their own way. Obviously, you can include somewhat more detail on the larger figure.

Left: The 32mm version looking ready for 'battle'


Painting The Doctor

The Doctor's Tank
The Chieftain tank in the episode is painted a desert sand colour - possibly the colour British tanks were painted for the first Gulf War ('Operation Granby', to them).

Right: The Doctor's tank-riding entrance

Painting The Doctor
Painting The Doctor

The Doctor's Trousers
On the 32mm figure, you can have a go at painting the plaid pattern on the Doctor's trousers if you like. I wouldn't recommend it on the 15mm Doctor, though - a plain dark grey will work fine at that smaller scale (or indeed on the 32mm figure, if you don't feel confident enough tackling fine detail.)

Left Picture: A close up image of the plaid pattern

The Doctor's T-shirt
The Doctor's T-shirt in the episode features a print in shades of grey, and you can paint a suggestion of this if you like. Or you can just paint it plain white or pale grey.

Right Picture: The Doctor's T-shirt

Painting The Doctor
Painting The Doctor

The Doctor's Guitar
Paint the Doctor's guitar as neatly as you can in black and white (plain white will suffice for the mother-of-pearl scratchplate) and finish it with a coat of gloss varnish.


Left: The Doctor holding his guitar

How Do I Get These Miniatures!?!
Both of these exclusive Doctor Who miniatures (unpainted of course) will be given away free to attendees of our UK Open Day. Purchase your ticket, come to the event, get awesome free swag. Couldn't be much simplier!

For Team Yankee players, who could resist having a time travelling Doctor Who turning up for an epic axe battle (Viking not included) standing on a resin version of our Chieftain model?

And for Doctor Who board game players you can upgrade your playing piece and strike an awesome pose as you adventure through time and space.

The only place to pick up these two awesome models at the moment is at the UK Open Day so make sure you get your tickets before they all sell out.

Tickets for the UK Open Day are available here....
Click here for more information about the day...

Right: The Doctor in the complete outfit

Painting The Doctor