Enhance Your Bunker Part III: Details

Step 2 - Complete

Enhance Your Bunker III
Adding Details

by Mike Haught

I have to put a big apology out there as I wasn't able to get as much done on my bunker as I would have liked. Still, I thought I would post up my progress and then follow up with another article finishing off the project.

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Last week I based the bunker and added some simple elements to spice up the piece.

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With the bunker based up and ready for phase three, I planned out the last details. I wanted to include some double apron barbed wire along the built-up portion of the base. But first I needed to study some pictures and diagrams with this type of wire arrangement.

Double Apron Barbed Wire

In very basic terms there are two types of common barbed wire entanglements: concertina and double apron. Concertina wire is the classic spiral wire arrangement. These were easy to carry around and quick to deploy. 

Double apron wire took a bit more time to set up but was considerable more durable against enemy infantry and artillery.

There were several types of double apron commonly used, one was rather basic while the other was more complex with additional strands of wire being used. Pictured to the right is the more basic version with several horizontal wires fixed along several pickets. Diangonal braces were fixed from the tops of the pickets to add additional support to the wire fence. These diagonals were called aprons.

Double Apron

Double Apron

Some double apron obstacles used additional horizontal wire along the aprons to make them more formidable. Sometimes they even added concertina wire between two rows of double apron wire, making for a truly impressive fortification!

Mixed wire obstacle

Supplies for Adding Wire:

  • 1x Based Bunker & Defilade Wall (BB121)
  • Match sticks
  • Small pin vice
  • Nylon thread


Wire supplies

Building Wire

I grabbed a pile of match sticks to use as pickets. I cut each one in half and then drilled four holes through where the wire will be threaded.

Wire Posts

Wire Posts

With the fence posts cut and drilled, I made some holes in the embankment and glued in the posts. I made sure to space them as evenly as possible, but intentionally allowed some of the posts to lean to one side.

I made sure that all of the holes lined up so I can thread the wire through each post to the end.

Wire Posts

Wire Posts

Next I will put some small pieces of wire for the anchor points of the aprons on the ground and thread the wire. I promise I'll try and get more finished for the next update!