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What-if Squadron: the Canadians are coming!

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What-if Squadron: the Canadians are coming!

By Scott McCorley

Hi all and welcome to a what-if situation and something that is going to be quite unique both on the battlefield and off, providing some great hobby opportunities. You may be wondering what I’m talking about, well, it’s the Canadian Ram tank Armoured Squadron.

While the actual tank itself was used for training crews the chassis was converted for other use like the Ram transport, so keeping in line with that theme let's make a what-if squadron.

Ram Armoured Squadron
Ram tanks

This gives a solid core formation with 5 platoons, however, these are small platoons which means we have to play very carefully and try to minimalize casualties. As for our support options, still keeping with the Ram theme we have some arty in the form of 4 Sextons. These are a great bargain when it comes to British arty, especially at 12pts. Our other support options are the Kangaroo infantry with Ram transports, giving us a nice unit to hold but also to counter and go on the offensive when required. An OP in the form of a Ram proxy frees up our HQ from spotting duties and also gives a +1 to range in roles, and lucky last 4 Badger flame tanks because why not. So that rounds out our 100pt what-if list. But how do we intend to use it and what are the pros and cons of this list?

Ram Tank

1. Rule of cool, having something different and unique is definitely a pro, especially when you can take some time to do some great hobby aspect of painting it all up and getting it table ready.

2. 2+ Remount. Yes, you heard it right, a 2+ remount so if fighting against Panzers you have a fighting chance of getting back in and showing them some Canadian tenacity.

3. Cheap points cost, while I have done a themed force with extras it doesn’t stop you from deciding to change it up and add more Ram tanks.

4. Not historically correct. While this list/army may be a bugbear to some, we as gamers and hobbyists must remember that at the end of the day it is the personal choice of people to take or use what they like and we should respect that choice, hence why the rule of cool.

So that’s some of the Pros and Cons of this list. I’m sure there are more but I think that covers the main issues.

Ok, now let’s talk tactics of this list.

This list works well by utilising the terrain to close with the enemy. The 2 Ram platoons and the HQ are going to be doing most of the work trying to get to the flanks of the opponent's force. This is why is important to remember those spearhead units so you can get the jump on your opponent's flanks. 

Ram Tank
Also, remember to cover with smoke from your Sextons when you’re not trying to dig out infantry. Speaking of infantry, this is where the Badgers come into play. While not as scary as Crocs they definitely can prove to be scary by forcing out infantry in bullet prove cover and have the numbers to do so with 12 dice. Just remember they are not Crocs, use them wisely and hug cover with them until you have a choice target of infantry for them to flush out. The infantry has great transports and can go on the offensive in support of Badgers or the Rams to either hold ground or assault any infantry left over after a Badger BBQ. Their transports are also handy in that they can throw out a lot of MG fire in support of the infantry, and unlike other transports do provide a bit more protection to get the infantry where they are needed. 
Ram Tanks
Ram Tank

Rounding up this list is a bit of fun, something different, it’s not meant to be competitive but does have the makings to become so depending on your own personal choice of units. It is the Rule of cool we use to do something like this as when playing games, be it competitive or a designated day down at your local, remember to be respectful to others. While you might not like the historical inaccuracy of it, others might just want to have fun. So hopefully you enjoyed this little what-if list based on the Ram tank and its chassis variants and hopefully, there's some fun to be had. Good hunting out there. 

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