The D-Day Global Campaign Is a Wrap

The D-Day Global Campaign Is a Wrap

The D-Day Global Campaign Is a Wrap
with Alex Nebesky

A Quick Recap
Six Weeks later and we have our winners. The Allies, who had a strong start and continued steadily, were able to wrest all three of the final zones from the Axis and put themselves an insurmountable six points ahead.

The Axis forces defended with tenacity, facing down Beach landing forces in the first week in some exceptionally tough battles. With the two Beach Landing missions exceptionally tough for the defenders, the landings were successful and the ball was rolling.

Week two saw the first major German success, with the defence of Cherbourg giving the Axis their first point on the board. From there, a steady momentum looked like it might bump the Germans into the lead.

Week Three rolled around and the Axis captured two zones, Hill 122 and Mt. Pincon. Week Four gave us our first and only contested zone, Mortain, which ended the week with the same number of victories for both sides. Then in Week Five the Axis denied the Allies any points, retaining control Falaise, Lorient, and Vire. At this point, with Mortain left contested, the two sides had parity of points. It was anyone’s game.

The D-Day Global Campaign Is a Wrap

And ultimately, the Allies dug deep and pulled off an incredible final swing of the hammer to put the last nail in the coffin of Axis defence. An exciting back and forth, plenty of movement, and great interaction between the sides made this a Campaign to remember!

A Round Of Thanks
The Global Campaign only works when there are players getting involved from all over the world, and so there are a fair few players to be thanks for getting stuck in and being key figures in their sides. Those deserving of thanks include but are not limited to: 

All American for his active participation in every conversation or discussion and of course his work on Stars & Stripes, Oberst Nagten, Guderian67, General Fuchs, for their involvement in the German war effort, everyone who helped with Signal, Red Beaver, Stefan Johansson, Ruchey, MAUS, James Westerfield, Luca HW, Currahee, and everyone else on the Allied side who helped secure victory. Thanks to OnTableTop for hosting the Campaign.

Congratulations to all our prize winners, too!

Crunching the Numbers
After the dust settles and we've had a chance to crunch the numbers we'll be drawing our Grand Prize Winners next week! Every battle report logged during the Campaign will be counted as an entry into our Grand Prize Competition whether part of a club, store, or solo.

The Grand Prize is:

  • 1 set of Rural Road and 1 set of Rural Road Expansions
  • 5 European Houses
  • 1 Municipal Building
  • 1 Caen Church
  • 1 Double Sided Battle Map

Stay tuned for the big announcement!

The D-Day Global Campaign Is a Wrap