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Taming The Tiger

Taming The Tiger Taming The Tiger:
How to Deal with a Tiger in Mid War
with Ben Polikoff 

Tiger! By 1944, no word struck more fear in the hearts of Allied soldiers, and tankers alike, as the mention of this battlefield legend.

For the Allied Flames Of War player, facing a Tiger can be a daunting task. With a Front Armour rating of 9 and a Side Armour of 8, the Tiger can simply ignore most Allied guns and a Top Armour rating of 2 prevents regular infantry from potentially knocking it out in an Assault.
Taming The Tiger
If that wasn’t bad enough, its 8.8cm main gun can easily penetrate the frontal armour of all Allied tanks at ranges where they simply can’t fight back. And if you're lucky enough to bail out a Tiger, they're crewed by nothing but the best and will easily remount when bailed out and will rarely fail a Last Stand check in the unlikely event that it remains bailed. All this makes for a quite a fearsome beast, indeed!

So what is an Allied commander to do if a Tiger is spotted advancing towards their lines?
Taming The Tiger
The first and most apparent approach is to find a gun powerful enough to threaten this monster. The only weapon that poses such a threat to the Tiger is the British 17/25 pdr Anti-tank gun. At Anti-tank 12, the 17/25 pdr is capable of penetrating the Tiger's thick hide. The 4th Edition update to the effectiveness of anti-tank guns really shines through here. Given time, the 17/25 pdr will eventually find a weak spot in the armour and turn the pride of the Panzertruppe into a smouldering wreck.
Taming The Tiger
The second approach is to swamp the Tiger with more units than it can effectively engage. A Tiger will struggle to capture a well-defended objective surrounded by multiple Motor Platoons and 6 pdr Anti-tank guns. There are just too many teams to shoot off of the objective, and a lone Tiger assaulting a position with multiple 6 pdrs will eventually be bailed out and swarmed by the nearby infantry. No Tiger Ace would dare risk suffering such an inglorious fate as capture and letting their Tiger fall into the hands of the enemy!
Taming The Tiger

The third approach is to simply ignore the Tiger. Target it with smoke either via bombardment or direct fire to try and limit your losses. Next, attack into those areas of the battlefield the enemy has neglected to secure. The Tiger, if ignored and neutralised, and being very expensive in terms of points (29 points to be exact), will then create a large points deficit in your favour when engaging the rest of the German forces. Attack the objective which you feel is weakest with forces that will easily overwhelm it and force the Germans to rout! The Tiger, minus its support, will quickly be forced to fall back as well and the battle is yours!

~ Ben.