Total War

Total War

Total War
Returning to Normandy for the release of Overlord and Atlantik Wall gives us an opportunity to dust off old armies and replay some of the most memorable battles of World War Two. Over the next six weeks we are going to share some of our favourite scenarios, rules and articles.

It's time to declare Total War on the enemy as we provide the rules and missions along with some useful tips for playing Flames Of War with larger forces. 

Rules & Missions
Total War Rules & Missions
Just think, thousands of points of Flames Of War troops arrayed across a large table, multiple companies under your command. The infantry holding the line on the right while the tanks advance forward on the left. The ebb and flow of battle begins, your tanks rolling up the enemy force as it advances on the left, your gallant infantry first holding the line then surging forward on the right.

Total War Rules & Missions...

Total War Rules
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Eight Armies in Normandy Eight Armies in Normandy
Eight Armies in Normandy is a large scale Total War battle played by the Battlefront Miniatures employees to celebrate the relaunch of our Normandy theatre books.

Eight Armies in Normandy...
This Means War! Total War!:
Guidelines To Approaching Your Own Total War Battles
The purpose of Total War is to bring the group of players together and do something totally different from a standard game of Flames Of War. Hosting and playing in so many of these Total War game we’d thought we’d share our experiences with you and offer some guidelines as to how to approach your own Total War battles.

This Means War! Total War!...
This Means War! Total War!
Total War and Support Companies Total War and Support Companies
There comes a time in every gamer's life when they want to do something big. Total War is designed to do just that - put big armies on big tables. Instead of a mere company, you can field your entire collection at once. With the release of Normandy Battles we saw an opportunity to revisit the original Total War rules that we came up with years ago and give them an update, as well as making them more accessible for gamers that had not purchased either of the Firestorm Campaigns.

Total War and Support Companies...
The Crumbling:
A Total War Battle & Birthday Celebration
When I was about to turn 40 years old I wondered how I wanted to mark the occasion. I decided that one thing I wanted to do was to host a Total War event with my gaming group, a Flames Of War playtesting group called Einherjar. I contacted Árbæjarsafn – the historical museum of the city of Reykjavík, and asked their historian Guðbrandur Benediktsson if he knew of a good venue to set up such a game. He was so impressed with my proposal that the museum loaned me a closed exhibition of the occupation of Iceland during World War Two – Iceland was occupied by the Allies from 1940.

The Crumbling...

The Crumbling
Total War Event Report
A few weeks ago the Total War rules where released as a PDF on the Flames Of War website. At that point one of the members of the local gaming club started talking about hiring the hall for an all day event. During the discussion on our forum, the club chairman from Northampton Warlords started posting. The idea of a challenge game grew from there. It was decided that my local club (Cambridge) would host, and provide the Allies. The Germans would be provided by the Northampton club. Due to numbers of people wanting to play we went with two tables, each 18 feet long. All players would bring a 2000 point army.

Total War Event Report...
Total War:
Market Garden in the Garden City
I would like to start by saying many, many thanks for such a fun day and the success of our (Christchurch’s) first 18,000 point game! I'm especially grateful that the three main goals were achieved; A fun day of gaming, inter‐player discussions (and bickering) plus getting some appreciation of the difficulties experienced during the actual operation during September 1944.

Total War: Market Garden in the Garden City...

Total War: Market Garden in the Garden City
The Cauldron: A Total War Battle The Cauldron: A Total War Battle
The Battle of Gazala May – June 1942
This year saw the third edition of my annual birthday big battle. In 2010, we had played the second Battle of El Alamein: The Crumbling and in 2011 the Minsk Offensive 1944. Both these events were open to public viewing and held in cooperation with outside parties; the first in cooperation with a Reykjavík City Museum and the second with the Russian Cultural Society. Both also received media coverage since battle recreations prove popular with television and newspapers. However, this placed added pressure on the players and the game.

The Cauldron: A Total War Battle...
Total War:
Ia Drang
You can use the Flames Of War Total War rules to recreate the entire battle at Ia Drang. Gather your friends and field the full 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry plus two additional companies of Airmobile infantry from 2nd Battalion. Or muster up the full 66th Regiment of People’s Army of Vietnam.

Total War: Ia Drang...

Total War: Ia Drang