Rifle Company (Late)


Rifle Company (BBX11)
British Rifle Company HQ and 3 Rifle Platoons.

The PBI (‘Poor Bloody Infantry’) are the solid bricks of the army. The infanteers can always be relied on to get the job done. Even when the armoured troops stall, the infantry push on, clearing the way ahead.

Rifle companies are not glamorous. Their job is unpleasant and deadly, but the riflemen can be counted on to do their job, and do it well, not matter how much they complain about their lot. 

The Veterans of the desert have returned to Old Blighty to pass on their experience to the divisions preparing for the invasion of France. These old hands ensure the lads are boned up on all the latest on fighting the Hun. Along with the new fighting techniques the clever chaps at Sandhurst have come up with, the infantry are more than ready take on the Germans.
Rifle/MG team
CSM Stan Hollis

One of the new tricks is the PIAT anti-tank projector that has replaced the old Boys anti-tank rifle. This gives the riflemen a little more anti-tank punch to keep Jerry’s Panzers at bay. 

Commanded by their Major, they can call on all manner of supporting arms, from machine-guns and mortars to artillery and infantry tanks.

What You Get

Inside you will find three British Rifle Platoons and a Rifle Company Headquarters. Included in the headquarters are three Sniper teams and the Warrior CMS Stan Hollis. We’ll have the rules for Stan up on the site very soon. 


The miniatures are in late war fighting kit and battledress and have the new ‘turtle’ helmet that many of the divisions who landed in Normandy wore.

The ‘turtle’ or MK III pattern steel helmet was introduced in 1944 and was used for the rest of the war. It was an improvement over the Mk II ‘Tin Hat’, its shape offering better protection from the side and rear.

Sniper In Flames Of War

The box gives you the core of British or Commonwealth Rifle Company that can be field using Overlord or one of a number of options in upcoming Battle Books.

Designed by Evan
Painted by Jeremy

Rifle Platoon
Rifle/MG team
Command team
Command team Rifle/MG team
Rifle/MG team Command team
Sniper Rifle/MG team