Armies Of Late War: Wayne's Panthers and Gebirgsjägers

Wayne builds an Armies of Late War force

Armies Of Late War: Wayne's Panthers and Gebirgsjägers
with Wayne Turner

The guys in the studio thought we’d all have a look at our Late War collections and see what we could make from the new Armies of Late War forces book. As you may be aware Armies of Late War takes some of the common forces seen on the battlefield in 1944 and 1945. It has US, German, British and Soviet forces to choose from.

The book takes the work out of converting V3 forces for V4 by adjusting unit compositions and taking away the points cost for the teams no longer used in Flames Of War. Armies of Late War still uses the V3 points system, so all of these forces a compatible with all the other current Intelligence handbooks.

Now my problem is that I like unusual armies, and Armies of Late War doesn’t contain many of these, so for my Hungarians I will continue to use Grey Wolf (I might even make some cards for myself), so I immediately turned to my Germans to see what I might field.

German Options
One of the German forces run regularly is my Kampfgruppe Bäke force. I can easily continue to run this Grey Wolf, but I can also use the models to run a Panther Tank Company from Armies of Late War.

This is a pretty simple force to put together:

Wayne builds an Armies of Late War force

Panther Tank Company HQ 375 Points

Panther Tank Company HQ (x 2)


Panther Tank Platoon 560 Points
Panther Tank (x 3)   
Tiger Tank Platoon 430 Points
Tiger Tank  (x 2)  

Wayne builds an Armies of Late War force

Looking at the Panther Tank Company formation units I see I can have another Panther or Panzer IV Tank Platoon and an Armoured AA Platoon. Depending on the points target I might add one or both of these, but to start with let’s aim for a pretty standard 1500 points. With that in mind I’ll add an Armoured AA Platoon.

Armoured AA Platoon 110 Points

Sd Kfz 7/2 (3.7cm)  (x 2)


Total 1475 Points

Wayne builds an Armies of Late War force

Another option is I could not have the AA and go for eight Panthers for 1495 points.

My other German army I often field are my Gebirgsjäger. I usually run these using Fortress Italy’s 5. Gebirgsdivison Gebirgsjägerlompanie. Another option is to field them using the Grenadier Company formation in Armies in Late War, this gives me options to run a few different options I don’t normally run.

Grenadier Company HQ 45 Points

SMG Team (x 1)


Panzerfaust Team (x 1)  +10
Grenadier Platoon 1 155 Points
Rifle/MG Team (x 6)  
SMG and Panzerfaust Team  (x 1) +10
Panzerschreck Team (x 1)   +25
Grenadier Platoon 2 155 Points
Rifle/MG Team (x 6)  
SMG and Panzerfaust Team  (x 1) +10
HMG Platoon 120 Points
MG42 HMG Team (x 4)  

These are something I have had sitting on my painting desk half-finished for a while.

Wayne builds an Armies of Late War force

15cm Infantry Gun Platoon 130 Points

15cm sIG33 guns (x 2)


7.5cm PaK40 Anti-tank Platoon 150 Points
7.5cm PaK guns (x 3)  
Scout Platoon Platoon 190 Points
Assault Rifle Team (x 5)  
2cm Anti-aircraft Platoon 65 Points
2cm FlaK 38 gun (x 3)  

Normally I run StuG assault guns with my Gebirgsjäger, but with Armies of Late War I can take a compulsory Combat Unit from another Formation as support, so I’ll be taking a Panther Tank Platoon since I have a bunch painted.

Panther Tank Platoon 560 Points

Panther Tank  (x 3)


Total 1495 Points

That’s just a couple of examples. I also have a British Rifle Company in a half completed state. Armies of Late War makes it easy to consider some common options to completing that. Later, if I want to make it a more specialised force I can look at something like Overlord, Battle of the Bulge, Market Garden, or Nachtjäger.