Casey’s Brigada Morskoi Pekhoty (Naval Infantry Brigade)

Naval Infantrymen takes aim Casey’s Brigada Morskoi Pekhoty
Naval Infantry Brigade

We take a retrospective look back at Casey’s Brigada Morskoi Pekhoty:

"Since I had my game with Chris and we were going to spotlight the army that he used at Natcon, I thought this would be a good time to follow up my head swap article and showcase the army that I took him on with (well the parts of it that were mine anyway)."

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Note: This army was organised using Version 1 Flames of War army lists
Casey's Strelkovy Batalon
"My Army is based on the Naval Infantry formations that were created out of the Baltic Sea Fleet and used in the defence of Leningrad and sent to invade Finland."
Batalon HQ Section
"What you see here is only the start of my army - the Headquarters, two full strength strelkovy companies (without options), a full strength flamethrower platoon and a full strength artillery battalion. In the near future I’m planning to add another full strength Strelkovy company, which I’m currently half finished, so I can have a full Battalion of troops. I’m also going to add an HMG company to the mix (especially since they are going to be rate of fire 6!), some AT rifles and guns, plus some T-26’s"
1st Strelkovy Company
"All of these are going to receive the same treatment as the head-swapped company, just to add variety to the army.
One of my original ideas with this army was to do enough stands of dead infantry to replace all the infantry teams as the companies took casualties. After doing half a dozen of these bases for Ostfront I’m not sure whether I’ll be doing this for the entire army, even though they look great. Maybe once I’ve painted all the units alive I’ll go back and paint them dead."

2nd Strelkovy Company
My current goal now is to get the next version of this army finished for Panzerschreck. I’ve got lots of painting still left to do."

~ Casey
Flame Thrower Platoon
Artillery Battalion
Pin Markers
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