Building a new company from Fate Of A Nation

Fate Of A Nation

Building a New Company From Fate Of A Nation

With Chris Townley

With the Battle of An-Nakhl Sale now in full swing on the website, I thought I’d take a look at some of my favourite Fate Of A Nation lists, work out what I would take if I was building a new 1500-point force, and translate that into the product codes you need to put that army together. Hopefully these will give you a few ideas about how you can build your next army.

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Fate Of A Nation
The fate of a nation hangs in the balance. Israel cannot lose even a single battle. One defeat would mean the destruction of the tiny Jewish state. Not waiting to be attacked by the Arab forces massing on its borders, Israel strikes first.

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Fate Of A Nation
 Israeli Flag

The Israelis

P’lugah Tan’kim (Tank Company)

One anvil tank platoon with heavy armour (the Magach 2) that can go toe to toe with enemy armour, a platoon of cheap but hard-hitting M51 Ishermans, Jeeps and AMX tanks to push a flank, AA for a little protection and some OQF 25pdr guns to pin down then enemy with HE, or provide cover for your advance with some smoke.

Company HQ 1x Magach 2  160 points AISBX01
Tan’kim Platoon 2x Magach 2  310 points


Tan’kim Platoon 4x M51 Isherman  470 points AISBX03 (x2)
Tan’kim Platoon 2x AMX  180 points


Sayur Platoon

3x M3 Patrol Jeep

1x M3 A (20mm)

 110 points

AIS411 (x2)


Anti-Aircraft Platoon 2x M3 TCM-20  100 points AIS161
120mm Artillery Battery 4x OQF 25pdr guns
 170 points


BSO506 (x4)

  Decals   AIS941
P'lugah Tan'kim

P’lugah Tzanhanim (Paratrooper Company)

The Israeli Paratrooper company is as tough an infantry force as you will find with its big (10+ teams) infantry platoons of Fearless Veterans. When dug-in, they are tough to shift. And if you can find a few more points you can add a 2nd Blindicide team to each platoon (AT 11, FP 5+ ‘bazookas’). The Magach 2s fill the same roll as they do in the tank company, standing still and going up against the enemy tanks whilst the AT Jeeps try to stay safe from incoming fire and nip at the flanks. The M50 155mm howitzers give you the ability to pound enemy guns and dug-in troops, and being Veteran you can get away with just two.

Israeli Flag
Company HQ 2x SMG teams  75 points AISO101
Tzanhanim Platoon With 3 squads  310 points AIS722
Tzanhanim Platoon With 3 squads  310 points AIS722
Tzanhanim Machine-gun Platoon 3x FN MAG HMG  125 points AIS724
Tzanhanim Anti-tank Platoon

4x Anti-tank Jeeps

 205 points

AIS121 (x2)

Tzanhanim Tank Platoon 2x Magach 2  310 points AISBX01
155mm Artillery Battery 2x M50 155mm howitzers  140 points AIS729AISO501 (x2)
With either of these lists you can swap out the Magach 2s with Centurions or Sho’ts (AISBX02) with a little work, or you can add in a little air support in place of the Artillery if you like your templates delivered from the sky by taking an Ouragan (AAC01) or Shahak (AAC02).
P’lugah Tzanhanim (Paratrooper Company)

 UAR Flag

The UAR (Egyptians)

Kateybat Debabbat

The key to winning with the UAR is to keep pushing ahead with little or no regard to casualties as you overwhelm the outnumbered defenders. To keep this in mind we have lots of T-54 or T-55 tanks, half of which have Stabilisers to keep you on the move. Ten T-34/85M tanks also give you a fast unit that costs very little, and can kill anything in the flank! A platoon of two ZSU-57-2s will keep the enemy fast movers off you, whilst also making a mess of lightly armoured enemy vehicles. The SU-100Ms provide another cheap, hard-hitting platoon whilst the Infantry Platoon can move up and clean out the last pockets of enemy infantry.

Company HQ 1x T-54 / T-55*  75 points AARBX02 (X5)
Debabbat Company 7x T-54 / T-55*  415 points  
Debabbat Company 7x T-54 / T-55  415 points  
Debabbat Company 9x T-34/85M  260 points AARBX03 (x3)
Debabbat Air Defence Company

2x ZSU-57-2

 110 points


SP AT Platoon 5x SU-100M  180 points SBX31
Moshaa Mekaneekey Company 1x Infantry Platoon with BTR-152  120 points


AAR221 (x2)

  Decals   AAR941
Kateybat Debabbat (Tank Battalion)
Kateybat Moshaa

Amongst a sea of tank companies the Kateybat Moshaa provides a very different sort of game with static infantry dug in and supported by a massive amount of firepower for the enemy to wade through. Two infantry companies with a total of six anti-tank guns attached provide the hard chewy centre of the company, whilst the M4/FL10 Sherman and their Autoloaders give you a maneuverable company that can respond to enemy attacks. The SU-100Ms excel at knocking out enemy tanks whilst 12 heavy artillery pieces pound the enemy into submission.

UAR Flag 
Company HQ HQ with 3x DShK AA MG  70 points AAR731
Moshaa Company 1x Infantry Platoon with Anti-tank Group  235 points



Moshaa Company 1x Infantry Platoon with Anti-tank Group  235 points



Moshaa Tank Company 10x M4/FL10 Sherman  290 points AARBX05 (x2)
SP AT Platoon

5x SU-100M

 180 points


Artillery Battalion 6x 122mm M-30 howitzers  210 points


SSO506 (x6)

Heavy Artillery Battalion 6x 152mm D-1 howitzers  245 points


SSO507 (x6)

 Jordanian flag The Jordanians

Sareya Mudara’aa

Jordanian tank companies are one of the most popular and hard-hitting lists in Fate Of A Nation. Their combination of good tanks, Confident Trained stats and a cool- looking camo scheme make them a great choice. Eight Centurion tanks with their heavy armour and Protected Ammo will stay in the fight whilst your artillery keep pounding the Israeli tanks and infantry.

Company HQ 2 Centurion 5 235 points AISBX02
Mudara’aa Platoon 2 Centurion 5 235 points AISBX02
Mudara’aa Platoon 2 Centurion 5 235 points AISBX02
Mudara’aa Platoon 2 Centurion 5 235 points AISBX02
Mudara’aa AA Platoon

2x M42 (Twin 40mm)

100 points

AJO161 (x2)

Moshaa Mekaneekey Platoon With 3 Squads 190 points



Field Artillery Battery 3x OQF 25 pdr guns 100 points



Heavy Artillery Battalion 3x M114 155mm howitzers 140 points



  Decals   AAR941
Not too worried about enemy aircraft, swap the Heavy Artillery Battalion and Mudara’aa AA Platoon for another pair of Centurion 5 tanks. Alternatively swap the Centurions for M48s (AISBX01) and use the points you saved for a platoon of 4 Anti-tank Jeeps (AIS121) if you want a little more high AT as well as hitting 8 platoons in a tank company!
Sareya Mudara’aa (Armoured Squadron)

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