Retailers Registration

Our new site lets you set up your Stores login. Just register like a normal user, but keep in mind your details will be displayed as your Store details in the Store locator.

Remember you must also have an account with Battlefront Miniatures. Please contact one of our Customer Service Managers:

Contact Details... 

So keep in mind:

  • The Address should be the location of your Store.
  • Username: is your login.
  • First and Last Names: are the store owner/manager
  • Display Name: Your Store’s name.
  • Email Address: Your Store’s contact email address (this will be displayed in the Store locator).

Once Registered, contact your Account Manager to have your store listed.

Once you have been approved as a Retailer you’ll be able to add additional information about your store to your profile through the "My Profile" "Manage Profile" link. Remember to include http:// at the start of your website link.

If you'd like to add a photo or further details you can use the HTML editor. These will appear on the left of your Store Locator entry.

[email protected]