D-Day: Forces in Normandy Free Digital Download

D-Day: Forces in Normandy 1944

D-Day: Forces in Normandy,
Free Battlefront Digital Download

A few weeks ago we announced that inside copies of the new D-Day: Forces in Normandy, 1944 book there was a free code that would let you access all the lists contained inside Forces Of War.

What we didn’t mention was that we were also working on a plan to use the same code to let you download a copy of the book over on the Battlefront Digital website!

You can find Battlefront Digital here...

What is Battlefront Digital?
Battlefront Digital is a website where you can purchase and download PDFs of our books. You can find all of the current Flames Of War and World War III: Team Yankee books there, available on the same day that we launch the book in retail stores.

You can find Battlefront Digital here...

How To Download Your Free PDF

First, head over to the Battlefront Digital website.

New Users - If you have never used the Battlefront Digital website before then you will need to create an account. The website will create a new account for you when you checkout your products.

Please note: This site is not linked to Forces Of War or the existing Flames Of War website so any login information from those sites will not work on the Digital site.

Flames Of War Digital App Users - If you used the old Flames Of War Digital app on iPads or Android devices it is best to use the same email address (if possible) when creating your account.

If you already have an account on the Battlefront Digital website then you can log in normally.

Digital Code

D-Day Digital Download

Step 2

Click on the Flames Of War Category and then select D-Day: Forces in Normandy, 1944

D-Day Digital Download

Step 3

Add it to your cart.

 D-Day Digital Download

Step 4

Once added, click on "View Cart".

 D-Day Digital Download

Step 5

Add the Code from the interior back cover of your copy D-Day: Forces in Normandy, 1944 and press “Apply coupon”

D-Day Digital Download

Step 6

Check that the Coupon has been applied correctly and click the Proceed to checkout button, and complete your order.

D-Day Digital Download

~ Enjoy!

If you haven't already, you can also unlock all the contents of D-Day: Forces in Normandy, 1944 in Forces Of War for free if you own the book.

Click here to see how...