A Thousand Tanks: The Battle of Hannut, 12-14 May 1940

The massed tanks of 4. Panzerdivision approach Hannut
A Thousand Tanks
The Battle of Hannut, 12-14 May 1940

When the German XVI Armeekorps found its way blocked by the French Corps de Cavalerie two days after they crossed the Belgian border, the scene was set for the biggest armoured battle of the campaign. With over a thousand tanks between the opposing corps, the fight was similar in scale to the epic battle between the 2nd SS Panzer Corps and the Soviet 5th Guards Tank Army at Kursk three years later.
In Wargames Illustrated 276 we looked at the Battle of Hannut and how to replay this using Flames of War. We knew that there were a few hard core Flames of War players out there that would want to go and refight this (just like us) so we thought we would make it easy for people to get hold of the armies.
French Forces
Fielding the Cavalry Corps in Total War
German Forces
Fielding the 16th Motorised Corp in Total War
As you can see these forces are huge, but the reward of putting that many figures on the table cannot be underestimated! To get the armies (which include a few extra bits and pieces that have not even been released yet) check out the links and the prices below. Due to the enormity of these deals, they will not start shipping for a couple of weeks but you can get your orders in now to be first in the queue.

Box Contents
To see just how much stuff is in these deals, check out the the contents list below!

WEBX03 French 3ème Division Légère
2x FRAB01 Tank Combat Squadron.
1x FRAB02 French Infantry Company.

WEBX04 Panzerbrigade 3

1x GEAB08 German Light Panzer Company.
2x GE040 Panzer IV D.
1x GE752 Schutzen Platoon (early).
1x GBX37 Kradschutzen Platoon.
1x GE300 SdKfz 221 (MG).
2x GE301 Sd Kfz 222 (2cm).
4x GE160 Sd Kfz 10/5 (2cm).
2x GE571 10.5cm leFH18 howitzer.
1x GE709 Artillery HQ.
1x GE400 BMW & sidecar

WEBX05 Panzerbrigade 4
1x GEAB08 German Light Panzer Company
2x GE040 Panzer IV D

WEBX06 Schützenbrigade 4   
1x GEAB09 German Schutzen Company
1x GE300 SdKfz 221 (MG)
2x GE301 Sd Kfz 222 (2cm)
2x GE571 10.5cm leFH18 howitzer
1x GE709 Artillery HQ  
2x GE501 3.7cm PaK36 gun
1x GE400 BMW & sidecar
1x AC002 JU87 Stuka Flight (1:144)

Worldwide Pricing USD EURO
French 3ème Division Légère
Panzerbrigade 3
€310.00 £245.00 $545.00
WEBX05 Panzerbrigade 4 $225.00
€175.00 £135.00 $315.00
Schützenbrigade 4
€265.00 £200.00 $465.00
The Battle of Hannut! (all of WEBX03, 04, 05 and 06)
€1,100.00 £900.00 $2,100.00
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