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Battlefront At Salute 2013

Battlefront Salute 2013 Stand

Battlefront At Salute 2013

Another 20th of April comes and goes and another Salute flies by in a flurry of gaming, shopping and showcasing of the best in UK wargaming.

As ever, Battlefront were in attendance at the Excel Exhibition Center in London welcoming the 5,000 Salute attendees to their stand with an array of games and goodies.

Open Fire was showcased on three tables, with The Rangers running boot-camps for Flames of War newbies. Budding Patton’s and Montgomery’swent away with a free plastic StuG following their victories (or defeats).

Battlefront Salute 2013 Stand Battlefront Salute 2013 Stand

Our Los Banos Firebase table demoed Tour Of Duty – The Vietnam Miniatures Game. Throughout the day gamers tried to stem the North Vietnamese assault, with varying results!

Battlefront Salute 2013 Stand Battlefront Salute 2013 Stand

Over in the Caverns of the Underdark we showcased recently released and forthcoming Dungeons and Dragons figures, whilst sculptor Giorgio stood guard and chatted with fans about the process of creating our D&D Collectors Series figures.

Spartacus fans queued up for double-dealing and dueling action in our participation ‘Spartacus’ boardgame.There was also the opportunity to take a first look at the new ‘Serpents and the Wolf’ supplement.

The Wargames Illustrated guys proudly showed off their American Civil War - Little Round Top table, which was rewarded at the end of the day with the converted ‘2013 Best Sponsored Trader Game’ award.

Battlefront Salute 2013 Stand

Yet again the largest wargames show in the world proved to be energetic, inspirational and a lot of fun. Roll on Salute 2014!

See the best games from the show in Wargames Illustrated 309 and view the winning entries from the painting competition in the following issue – WI310.

Battlefront TV
Battlefront at Salute 2013
The team in the UK took a short video to show off what was going on at the Battlefront tables at Salute this year. For those of you not lucky enough to be there, Salute is a massive 1-day Wargaming Event held in London and is filled with participation games, retailers and all sorts of other things for the avid gamer to check out.

Visit the Battlefront TV channel on YouTube here...

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