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Artillery and Guns

I thought I would go over the basic steps of how to paint your Anti-aircraft, Anti-tank and Artillery guns before moving on to the tanks and vehicles. 

Right: An Hungarian 80mm5/8M field gun (model gun is an Italian 75/27 with wooden wheels stolen off a one-horse cart). 

Hungarian 80mm 5/8M gun
German 10.5cm leFH18 howitzer

Guns are a much neglected, but important part of any Flames of War army and can look just as good as any infantry platoon or tank.

For my sample I’m going to paint a GE571 German leFH18 10.5cm Howitzer.

Left: The final finished gun team 


As always the first step is to clean up your model before gluing it together, see Preparing A Miniature.

Next undercoat your miniature, I use diluted matt black brushed on.

Primed gun
Base coated gun 2

Once the undercoat is dry it is time to apply the base colour. I do this in a similar way to how I paint my infantry; see Wayne’s Basic Painting Guide Part 1. I block paint, which means I paint the surfaces normally but leave black lines where the different parts meet, join etc.

Next I highlight the edges and raised areas with a lighter shade of the base colour, taking care not to go over any of the black lines I have left from the first coat.
Highlighted gun
Completed gun 4

Now that the basic gun is painted it is time to finish off the detail. With this gun we have the tyres and marker sticks left to paint. The tyres are painted black then highlighted with dark grey. The marker sticks are painted white and then red stripes are added.

Next paint the crew using the steps from Basic Infantry Painting Guide .
Gun Crew
Crew with ammo


Before basing your gun team I like to make and paint a few extras for the base. Some of our guns already come with extra bits such ammo boxes and shells. 

Empty shell cases can be made easily from plastic rod. Paint a length gold/brass or steel (depending on the gun). Paint one end the shell colour then cut off a short length. Paint the other end of the cut off length black. For a final touch paint a thin black line little up from the metallic end of the shell to represent the rim.

Right: A length of plastic rod painted and ready for cutting

Painted plastic rod
Completed gun team 7

For basing I used a method very similar to Simon’s method, see Basing Your Miniatures.

Last Updated On Tuesday, June 19, 2007 by Wayne at Battlefront