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 Firestorm Red Thunder

World War III did not start with one particular act, but rather a steady series that lead to the greatest conflict since World War II. Over the coming weeks will will explore the headlines that brought the world back to the Battlefield.

Firestorm Red Thunder is coming...

 Firestorm Red Thunder

Persian Gulf War Heats Up
Associated Press news story
16 July 1985:

Escalation of the Persian Gulf War continued today when Iranian aircraft attacked two oil tankers just outside the territorial waters of Bahrain. A ship of Dutch registry was reported sunk early this morning shortly after leaving port.

At this time there is no report of survivors. The second ship, registered in Panama, was inbound to Bahrain when it was attacked by two Iranian war planes. Casualties are reported to be high.

Iran Continues Attacks in Gulf
Television news story
22 July:

Despite condemnation by the UN, Western European nations, Japan, and the U.S., Iran has pledged to continue attacks on any vessel that enters the Persian Gulf, now declared a war zone by that country. Outside the Straits of Hormuz, entrance to the Persian Gulf, the number of tankers sitting at anchor, waiting for a break in the deadlock, continues to grow.

16 July 1985 - Team Yankee

The ships’ owners and their captains feel that this deadlock will not last long. As one ship’s captain stated, ‘They have tried this before and always backed off. They need us too much to keep this up for long.’

26 July 1985 - Team Yankee

Iron Lady Stands Strong
The Daily Telegraph
Friday 26 July:

“We did not fight two World Wars to defend Europe from dictatorship and oppression just to hand it over to the next tyrant bent on world dominance!” The British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, lived up to her nickname as ‘The Iron Lady’ today.

Echoing Winston Churchill, the British leader during World War Two, she delivered a strong speech in parliament condemning the Soviet Union’s demands and vowing that Britain would resist aggression in Europe “with every last breath”.

U.S.S Charles Logan Attacked
Department of Defense press release
Saturday 27 July:

The destroyer U.S.S. Charles Logan, while on patrol in international waters off the Straits of Hormuz, was rammed, then fired upon by a Soviet Cruiser of the Gorki class this morning. U.S. forces returned fire. Damage and casualties on either side are not known at this time.

27 July 1985 - Team Yankee

27 July 1985 - Team Yankee

National Guard Called Up
White House press release
28 July:
In view of the current crisis, the President has issued an order federalizing 100,000 Army Reserve and National Guard personnel. Personnel and units affected have been notified and are reporting to their mobilization stations.”

Soviet Allies Stand Strong
TASS news release
28 July:
A meeting of the Warsaw Pact ministers ended today with a pledge to stand together in the face of threats and increased war preparations on the part of the United States.

28 July 1985 - Team Yankee

Representatives from Poland, the German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union released a joint statement pledging to meet American aggression against any member state with retaliation in kind.”

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