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This month's exciting update features four different articles and loads of reviews to supplement the content of Wargames Illustrated issue 326.

WI326, December 2014

Wargames Illustrated WI326 now available!

The December issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine is available now in both print and digitally interactive versions.

For WI326 we take the multi-period theme of ‘Take the High Ground; Wargaming at altitude.

To find out more about WI326, take a look at this month's promo vid.

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Reviews: December 2014

Our regular, monthly round-up of what's new on the hobby scene.

Reviews: December 2014...

Reviews: November 2014


The Hundred days Quatre Bras


The Hundred days Quatre Bras

In case you missed the first article in our Hundred Days Campaign series, Quatre Bras, you can view and download it here.

The Hundred days Quatre Bras...

The Battle of Keren

In this month's article on the Battle of Keren, James Morris compares two sets of WWII rules for playing out the game, you can find scenarios for both of the rule sets, Bolt Action and Chain of Command, below.

 The Battle of Keren...

The Battle of Keren

The Fighting Koppie


The Fighting Koppie

To accompany this month’s Fighting Koppie article, author Robert Giglio has prepared Orders of Battle for use with his preferred rule system - Soldiers Companion. We also have more bonus material to accompany this article here, including more detail on the uniforms of the British forces who took part.

Download here...

A rumble over the contours

WI regular and model maker, Paul Davies, provides an article accompanying this month’s theme - his thoughts on wargaming with hills.

A rumble over the contours...

Modelling hills in wargames


Modelling hills in wargames

Modelling hills in wargames

Author of our theme intro piece, Pete Brown, turns his attention to the art of modelling hills, comparing and contrasting the hills of different geographical areas and historical periods.

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Wargames Illustrated Miniatures

Wargames Illustrated Miniatures
Take a look at the Wargames Illustrated exclusive Moments in History range here:

Moments in History Miniatures...

Barbarossa on a bike

There is something particularly glamorous about the mounted soldier. Be it the horse cavalryman carrying out a heroic charge or the tank commander in his awesome steel chariot. But for some reason this glamour does not rub off on the thousands of soldiers who went to war on that most unmilitary steed - the bicycle.

Barbarossa on a bike...

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Wargames Illustrated Subscription Deals
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Wargames Illustrated Slipcases
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