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To celebrate the forthcoming release of the ‘Battles in Literature' themed issue of Wargames Illustrated - WI323, September - we have teamed up with Simon Scarrow and Warlord Games to offer subscribers the chance to win a bunch of Warlord Games goodies (seen here) and SIGNED COPIES of Simon Scarrow's book PRAETORIAN.

Everyone who subscribes in August 2014 will be automatically entered into the free prize draw, with the winner receiving all the Warlord Games figures seen here PLUS a signed copy of Praetorian. The second and third names out of the hat will receive a signed copy of the book.

For any current subscribers who want to enter the August special offer prize draw - early subscriptions renewals are always acceptable i.e. even if your sub ends September - July, you can re-sub in August and be entered into the draw.

All subscriptions (including renewals) received in August - both print and digital - will automatically be entered, and the winners will receive notification early September.

Wargames Illustrated presents
The HISTORICON™ Painting Competition 2014

Once again, our sponsorship of this painting competition enables us to bring you photographs of some of the finest entries you are going to see. Many, many thanks to all those who contributed and we hope you are already making plans for next year!

HISTORICON™ Painting Competition 2014...

This month's exciting update features five different articles and loads of reviews to supplement the content of Wargames Illustrated issue 322.

WI322, August 2014

Wargames Illustrated WI322 now available! 

The August issue of Wargames Illustrated is available now.

This month's magazine comes with a FREE Flames Of War Great War supplement.

World War One comes to Flames Of War with this free 36 page supplement which contains special rules and army lists for fielding the armies of the Great War in Flames Of War games.

As well as the free supplement, the August issue itself contains further World War One articles for Flames Of War and other game systems.

Outside of our theme we have another nine articles covering Napoleonics, Crusaders, The Russo-Japanese War, Partizan 2014, World War Two, The Salute Painting Competition and more.

To find out more about WI322, take a look at this month's promo vid.

Watch the promo video for WI322 here...

Click here for the full content list...

August 2014

Our regular, monthly round-up of what's new on the hobby scene.

Reviews: August 2014...

Reviews: August 2014


  Making Keren

The Making of Keren

In WI322 James Morris tells us about the construction of his 2014 UK show circuit game - Keren 1941. Here's a British Pathe News item on the assault on Keren.

The Making of Keren...

The Hundred Days - Battle of Quatre Bras

With the anniversary of the Waterloo campaign approaching, Gary Kitching and his compatriots have planned to wargame the major battles of 1815, all of which will be featured in Wargames Illustraed. In Gary kicks off in WI322 with the Battle of Quatre Bras in which you can read about the background to and refight of the battle.

We've got loads more photos from the game here.

The Hundred Days - Battle of Quatre Bras...


Rosetta Stone


Partizan in the Park

We were going to provide you with a few more photos from the recent ‘Partizan in the Park' wargames show held at Kelham, Nottinghamshire, but actually we can go one better than that - here's a video.

Partizan in the Park...

A Mini Mons

The Friends of General Haig provided us with an article detailing their World War One Mons campaign in WI322. We couldn't squeeze in all their special rules (for converting Black Powder for WWI) or the cards they used in the game, so please find them here, for your downloading pleasure. 

A Mini Mons...

Mini Mons



We have a selection of World War One articles from the archive for you to download and enjoy.

Archive articles...

Wargaming World War One: Breaking the Stalemate

Positive Demons: Belgian Armoured Cars in WWI

A Struggle of Ants: A WWI Western Front scenario

The Irish Guards: Another WWI scenario by Chris Peers





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Wargames Illustrated Miniatures
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Moments in History Miniatures...

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