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Welcome to the Flames Of War and Battlefront Miniatures website, the home of World War II Gaming.
Last Updated On Thursday, 11 September 2014.

This week's update includes eleven announcements, videos, event reports, battle reports, painting guides, product reviews, competitions & links for you to enjoy.

Early-war Sale!
Party Like Its 1941 Party Like Its 1941
In November 2009 we embarked on an ambitious project to go back to where the war began and started work on what would become Blitzkrieg. Over the next five years we spent over 5,500 hours creating the Early-war series of books and covering the period like no one has done before.

Party Like Its 1941...
Weekly “Spot the A7V” Twitter Game
To mark the entry of Flames Of War into another new period, we are going to use Twitter to give away some Great War tank boxes. It will essentially be like a big game of Battleship.

Each week we will post a battlefield map, marked with grid co-ordinates, on the Great War landing page (http://www.flamesofwar.com/greatwar) You can’t see it, but hidden in one of the squares is a sneaky A7V.

This week's winner is @MrMorto! We'll be in contact with you soon regarding how to claim your prize.
Weekly “Spot the A7V” Twitter Game
Enter The Great War Facebook Painting Competition Now!
Enter The Great War Facebook Painting Competition Now!
Just a quick reminder that we're running a Facebook painting competition, where you can show off your freshly painted platoons, or just check our other people’s efforts and ‘Like’ your favourites.

Great War Facebook Painting Competition...
Unboxing Flames Of War:
U.S. Armored Rifle Platoon
Presented by Beasts Of War
Beasts Of War present an unboxing of the plastic U.S Armored Rifle Platoon for Flames Of War.

Hell's Crossroads Hell's Crossroads:
US and German Armoured Forces Clash in the Ruhr
An American column has crossed the Rhine and is now spearheading a bold advance into the heartland of Germany. In order to make the most of their time and road space, a platoon of armoured rifle troops have boarded up atop the task force’s tanks. The way seems open and final victory so close…

Meanwhile, the legendary Otto Carius’ 512th Heavy Tank-hunter Battalion lies in ambush at a vital crossroads, waiting for the hapless Americans to come into the sights of their powerful 128mm guns. Nerves are on edge as they see the vanguard of an American column trundle into view…

Hell's Crossroads...
2014 Eastern Canadian Nationals
This was the first time an event of this magnitude had been held in the nation’s capitol and special thanks goes out to Louis Santerre who has been the driving force behind making it work. From hotels to tables, even putting his own cash on the line, he organised and kept everything rolling forward until I could make landfall and help in the running of the tournament. We had 52 people registered and 44 showed up the day of to throw dice and see who could walk out with the title of champion.

2014 Eastern Canadian Nationals...

2014 Eastern Canadian Nationals
Colourful Painting Colourful Painting:
Painting The Buntfarbenanstrich Camouflage Scheme
Up until 1918 any camouflage paint schemes utilised by the German Army were improvised and therefore lacked any form of standardisation. It wasn’t until July of that year the first standardised camouflage scheme was introduced.

Colourful Painting...
Chess Anyone?
Jon Emery recently created two unique Chess sets using various Flames Of War miniatures; one themed on North Africa and the other, Western Europe.

Chess Anyone?...

Chess Anyone?
Setting Up Infantry For Defence vs. Tanks Breakthrough Assault:
Setting Up Infantry For Defence vs. Tanks
Coxer from Breakthrough Assault offers some advice on deploying infantry when it comes to defending against tanks.

Breakthrough Assault: Setting Up Infantry For Defence vs. Tanks...
WWPD: News From The Front Podcast
Episode 81
The guys from WWPD talk about their experiences at Guns Of August and Gen Con 2014.

News From The Front Podcast Episode 81...

WWPD: News From The Front Podcast
WWPD: Review WWPD: Review
John and Eric from WWPD take a closer look at the MiG-17 as featured in Fate Of A Nation.

WWPD: Review MiG-17...

FlamesCon is an annual wargaming and boardgame convention held in Auckland, New Zealand. It is the home of the Flames Of War Late-War Grand Tournament but also hosts a number of other exciting events and competitions for attendees.
Visit the official FlamesCon website here...
Registrations Now Open For CanCon 2015
CanCon 2015 will be hosting an Early-war and Mid-war tournament as well as the ever popular Night Flames. Registration is now open so make sure you secure your place early for this popular event.

Registrations Now Open For CanCon 2015…

Registrations Now Open For CanCon 2015
European 2014 
			Late-War Grand Tournament
European Late-War Grand Tournament
This is fourth year that we will be running the Late-war European Grand Tournament and we look forward to hosting yet another successful event.

European 2014 Late-War Grand Tournament...
Revising Naval Gunfire Support
Naval Gunfire Support (NGFS) in Flames Of War has been receiving a lot of attention lately, with a lot of people finding it rather too effective. Battlefront put out a suggested change to the rules for public feedback. Having reviewed the feedback, we’ve decided to try a different approach to see how that works.

Revising Naval Gunfire Support...
Revising Naval Gunfire Support
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events, check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...
The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week offers Flames Of War players a chance to expand their knowledge and become better players. This week's question is in regards to launching an Assault against an entrenched platoon.

The Question Of The Week...
The Question Of The Week

Mentioned in Despatches

Flames Of War Pricing
It has been four years in August since our last price rise and sadly material costs just keep on rising. As always we try and hold passing this impact on to you as long as possible but the time has come to increase prices. The price rise we have kept to an absolute minimum and it will only be inflationary. The local impact in currency is from 3.5% to 5.5% depending on the product and market as we have moved prices by 0.50¢ increments to not have odd $12.34 type numbers.

Retail stores were made aware of this change a few weeks ago so they have had time to do a final order at the old prices. This change is effective immediately and you should find the new prices show in our online store already. The good news is that we are increasing our core plastic range at a rate of knots and we are not increasing their retail price at all. Open Fire, books, and paints are also staying at the same great, current prices. This rise only affects resin and metal models.

~ John-Paul.

FOW Logo

Forces Of War!
For many years one of our play testers and proof readers Gregg Siter has in his spare time been running Easy Army. He created it out of a personal desire to have a tool to manage his armies but it has grown so that many other people can now do the same. For those of you who don’t know this is a force building software package that helps you create and use army lists. When we gave Gregg the okay right at the start to do this we always assumed this would evolve into something more and now that time has come.

Easy Army is going to evolve into Forces Of War. This will be an official Flames Of War army builder that at its core uses Easy Army but now will have more features and graphics than ever before. We still have a little more work to do until we can show you the final version but our goal is to have it up and running before our next book, Barbarossa, is out in October. Stay tuned for more news as we will be showing you what it looks like and how it will work in the coming weeks.

~ John Paul.

Lessons From the Front:
Questions & Answers on Flames Of War
Two months have passed since the last issue of Lessons From the Front, Phil’s answers to frequently asked questions about Flames Of War, and he’s come up with a new edition. If you have read the previous version, you’ll find lines in the margins beside the bits that are new or changed.

Lessons From the Front...
Lessons From the Front
The 2014 Tournament Objective: Local Defence Volunteers with Grocer's Van
The 2014 Tournament Objective:
Local Defence Volunteers with Grocer's Van
For the last few years we have given away tournament objectives aimed at the American audience – well, based on imagery from American films, albeit with. This year we decided to even things up by making something with more of a British focus.

The 2014 Tournament Objective: Local Defence Volunteers with Grocer's Van...
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August's Releases

Great War
Early August Releases
GGEAB1 Biltz's Battlegroup
GBRAB1 Mitchell's Marauders

Great War
Late August Releases
GGBX01 A7V Tank (x2)
GGE701 Infanteriekompanie HQ
GGE702 Infanterie Platoon

GGE704 Infanterie Machine-gun Platoon
GBR080 Mark A Whippet Tank
GBBX01 Mark IV
GBR702 HQ & Rifle Platoon
GBR704 Machine-gun Platoon
BB182 Trenchline System

Wargames Illustrated
WI323 Wargames Illustrated Issue 323

September's Releases

Flames Of War Releases
UBX44 M4A3 Sherman Platoon (Plastic)
Great War Releases
BB182 Trenchline System
GGE706 Stoss Platoon
GGE705 Regimental Support Platoons
GGE560 7.62cm Krupp IG (x2)
GGE570 7.7cm FK96 n.A. gun (x2)
GBR705 Trench Mortar Platoon
GBR571 OQF 18 pdr (x2)

BB183 Shattered Battlefields
BB184 Large Craters & Ruined House

Wargames Illustrated
WI324 Wargames Illustrated Issue 324

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