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Last Updated On Thursday, 26 November 2015.

This week's update includes ten different spotlights, articles and links for you to enjoy.

Tanksgiving – 2015 Flames Of War Thanksgiving Sale
Tanksgiving – 2015 Flames Of War Thanksgiving Sale

The sale includes:

 33% off all Flames Of War products
Capped shipping at a maximum of US$10 / €8 / £5

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As with previous sales, if any items run out of stock our factory will work flat out to fulfill all sale orders as quickly as possible. As of Friday night, our warehouses report:
  • 317 US orders processed
  • 665 UK, Europe & RoW orders processed

Team Yankee, World War III

Beasts of War Team Yankee Boot Camp
Beasts of War Team Yankee
Our friends at Beasts of War are running a fantastic Boot Camp weekend, with non-stop Team Yankee excitement.
Team Yankee Boot Camp Live Blog: Saturday
Make sure you check out Beasts of War's live blog...
Leave a comment on any of the blog updates, and you could be in to win!

Team Yankee Boot Camp Live Blog: Friday
Check out the Live Blog for Day One of Boot Camp on Friday...
 Team Yankee Boot Camp Live Blog - Day One

Team Yankee Plastics Preview

We'd like to give you a closer look at the first Team Yankee plastic sprues, so you can see exactly what you'll soon be getting with M1 Abrams, the Mi-24 Hind, and the AH-1 Cobra which feature in the army deals.

Team Yankee Plastics Preview...

Team Yankee Plastics Preview
Lieutenant Colonel Reynolds' Battalion CP

Lt Colonel Reynolds' Battalion CP
Bannon's Boys Objective Marker

The objective marker included with the Bannon's Boys army deal represents the M577 command post of Team Yankee's battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel George Reynolds, CO of the 3rd of the 78th Infantry, known somewhat affectionately as 'Blue Six'.

Lt Colonel Reynolds' Battalion CP...

Team Yankee Demo Evenings
Friendly Battlefront staff will be hosting demo evenings at two stores. If you're going to be in the area, come along on and let us show you what Team Yankee is all about.
December 11
6.30pm – closing
Games and Stuff Games and Stuff Showcase Comics and Games Showcase Comics and Games
7385 Baltimore Annapolis Bvd Suite G, Glen Burnie
Maryland 21061
631 South Chester Road
Pennsylvania 19081

Team Yankee Armageddon Launch Event
World War III Begins December 12 2015
It's 30 years since the events of Harold Coyle's landmark novel Team Yankee, in which the Cold War got very hot. If you buy your copy of Team Yankee on launch day at any participating game store, an exclusive set of laser-cut objective markers are yours absolutely free.
 Find out how you can get your set of exclusive objective markers...
Participating stores – US & Canada... Participating Stores — UK, Europe and Rest of the World...

New Italy Compilation Digital-Exclusive Briefings
Road To Rome Fortress Italy

Two new digital-exclusive briefings for the Italy complations Road To Rome and Fortress Italy are available this week in Forces Of War, the Flames Of War online company builder, and the Flames Of War Digital app. 

Forces Of War Flames Of War Digital
  • Jewish Brigade Group Rifle Company
  • 16. SS-Panzergrenadierdivision ‘Reichsführer-SS’ SS-Panzerkompanie
  • 16. SS-Panzergrenadierdivision ‘Reichsführer-SS’ SS-Panzergrenadierkompanie
Digital-Exclusive Histories
The Jewish Battalions The Jewish Battalions

The Jewish Brigade Group was a formation of the British Army composed of Jews from the Yishuv in Mandatory Palestine commanded by British-Jewish officers that was formed in 1944 and fought in Italy. William Sariego covers the history of these brave fighters.

The Jewish Battalions... 

16. SS-Panzergrenadierdivision ‘Reichsführer SS’

16. SS-Panzergrenadierdivision ‘Reichsführer SS’ was a Panzergrenadier formation of the Waffen-SS named for Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler. Wayne Turner talks about the history of this unit throughout the war.

16. SS-Panzergrenadierdivision ‘Reichsführer SS’...

16. SS-Panzergrenadierdivision ‘Reichsführer SS’ History

Desert Fort Shipping Update

All of the Desert Forts and Desert Fort Ruins have now shipped from our UK and US warehouses. Thanks to everyone for your patience in waiting for the restock, and enjoy!

Desert Fort Production Update


WWPD: A Visit To The 2015 North American Masters Tournament

WWPD: A Visit To The 2015 North American Masters

Last week we shared the results from the recent North American Masters. Mitch Reed also posted this interesting write-up over at WWPD.

WWPD: A Visit To The 2015 North American Masters...

Flames Of War Nationals at Cancon 2016 - Update

The Flames Of War Australian Nationals at Cancon 2016 information has been updated, with their second newsletter, and with more details about the painting competition, which will now includes a category for aircraft. Check out the article for the latest information.

Flames Of War Nationals at CanCon 2016...

Flames Of War Nationals at CanCon 2016

Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
Looking For Information On Tournaments & Events?
We have an entire section of the website dedicated to tournaments and events; check it out.

Flames Of War Events Worldwide...

Question of the Week The Question Of The Week
The Question Of The Week offers Flames Of War players a chance to expand their knowledge and become better players. This week’s question is a tricky one involving shooting distances.

The Question Of The Week...

Mentioned in Despatches
Firestorm and the City: An Online Firestorm: Caen Campaign  Rust and the City - Firestorm: Caen

Rust and the City is running an online Firestorm: Caen campaign, and he would like you to participate.

Jökull Gislason from Iceland - a longtime Flames Of War playtester and avid campaign enthusiast, designed the campaign. It follows the British and Canadian forces in Normandy around the city of Caen from June 6 to July 20, 1944 as they battle with German forces.

Firestorm: Caen campaign PDF...

Jökull’s Campaign Walk-through...

To find out how you can participate (and perhaps win prizes) check out Rust and the City... 

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Upcoming Releases
Great War Team Yankee (November – January)

FW904 Great War: World War One Battles of 1918



GUSAB01 Brett's Brawlers (Army Deal)
GUS701 Rifle Company HQ
GUS702 Rifle Platoon
GUS704 Machine-gun Platoon
GUS705 Trench Mortar Platoon
GUS570 75mm mle 1897 gun


GBBX02 Mk V Tank (x2)
GBBX03 Mk V* Tank (x2)


GFRAB01 Clavery's Chargers (Army Deal)
GFBX01 Schneider CA.1 Tank (x2)
GFBX02 Char Saint Chamond Tank (x2)
GFBX03 Renault FT-17 (x5)
GFR701 Companie de Fusiliers HQ
GFR702 Fusiliers Platoon
GFR704 Fusiliers Machine-gun Platoon
GFR705 Trench Mortar Platoon
GFR570 75mm mle 1897 gun

TK906 Landships Damage Tokens Set (6 tokens)

 FW905 Team Yankee, World War III

TUSAB1 Bannon’s Boys (Army Deal)
TUBX01 M1 Abrams Tank Platoon (x5) (Plastic)
TUBX02 M163 VADS/M901 ITV Platoon (x4) (Plastic)
TUBX03 M113 / M106 Platoon (x4) (Plastic)
TUBX04 M109 Howitzer
TUBX05 AH-1 Cobra (x2) (Plastic)
TUSBX06 A-10 Warthog (x2)
TUS702 Infantry Platoon (27 Figs)

TTK01 Team Yankee US Token Set
TAT001 Team Yankee Template - US Edition
CWP190 Team Yankee American Paint Set (8 paints)

Warsaw Pact
TSUAB1 Potecknov’s Bears (Army Deal)
TSBX01 T-72 Tank Company (x5) (Plastic)
TSBX02 BMP 1/2 Company (x5) (Plastic)
TSBX03 Motor Rifle Company (79 figs)
TSBX04 Mi-24 Hind (x2) (Plastic)
TSBX05 ZSU 23-4 Shilka AA Tank (x2)
TSBX06 SA-13 Gopher (x2)
TSBX07 2S1 Carnation 122mm SP Howitzer (x3)
TSBX08 BM-21 Hail Rocket Launcher (x3)
TSBX09 SU-25 Frogfoot (x2)
TSU702 Motor Rifle Platoon (24 figs)

TTK02 Team Yankee Soviet Token Set
TAT002 Team Yankee Template - Soviet Edition
CWP191 Team Yankee Soviet Paint Set (7 paints)

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